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Posting for 8+ years



***REDUCED PRICE*** WHITE iPhone 11Pro Max 64Gb Boxed, network unlocked, fully working

Barry, Vale of Glamorgan




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4.0 out of 5

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Posting for 8+ years

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7 days ago
Sell one like this


Due to FREE Upgrade here is my Boxed as New Silver/White iPhone 11 Pro MAX.
Unlocked to any UK network. no cracks or damage, fully working Factory reset like new.
Come with a "MOUS" case as shown to protect it 24/7. (Cosy sixty quid)

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is the same phone as the iPhone 11 Pro, just bigger. If you’ve already read our review of the smaller phone, you might as well skip to the end of this review. You already know everything there is to know about Apple’s highly expensive, but feature-packed flagship phone – apart from my final verdict, of course.

Suffice it to say, my conclusion is much the same as it was for the smaller Apple iPhone 11 Pro, and is a lot more positive than what the iPhone Xs Max received last year. That’s because – although admittedly still enormously expensive – the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is better in almost every regard the fleet of premium iPhones, and it addresses pretty much all of that phone’s major weaknesses.
Despite the rather confusing name change, the iPhone 11 Pro Max sits in the same position as the iPhone Xs Max did last year, at the top of Apple's iPhone range. It’s the most expensive handset Apple sells and the largest, with a 6.5in AMOLED display on the front, just like last year’s Xs Max.

Inside, it's powered by Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip, boosting performance to the highest level we've ever seen. This is a smartphone, crazily enough, that's faster than many laptops.
Other upgrades include an extra ultra-wide-angle camera, bringing the rear camera count to a total of three, as well as a bigger battery, superior water-resistance and an upgraded front-facing camera.

This iPhone 11 Pro Max is also available in one colour – Silver/White – which is rather fetching. Plus, instead of glossy glass at the back, the rear of this year’s top-end iPhone is finished in an attractive matte texture. Just like last year, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is available with 64GB, storage, which can’t be expanded.
Clearly, it makes much more financial sense to choose an Android phone but, if money’s no object and your heart is set on Apple’s latest flagship, then there is no doubt you’ll be pleased with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It looks and feels fabulous and, despite my initial reservations about the triple-protrusion of camera lenses on the rear, these look much nicer in the metal than they do glaring out at you from Apple’s billboard ads.

Other than those lenses, which are trimmed attractively in colour-matched stainless steel, the core design ethos of the 11 Pro Max is similar to last year’s XsR Max. It’s a touch lighter but the size is nigh-on identical and it’s built from similarly luxurious materials: a stainless frame sandwiched by a toughened glass front and rear, with hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protecting each of the three cameras.
Inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max resides the company’s latest mobile chipset: the Apple A13 Bionic. This is a six-core chip with two performance cores for the heavy lifting (gaming, video recording/processing and so on) and four lower-power cores that deal with more humdrum tasks such as audio playback, making phone calls and browsing the web. The performance cores run at a maximum 2.65GHz while the lower-power cores run at a frequency of 1.8GHz.

Normally, we see Apple stretch out such a lead with its new chips that the competition then spends the next year scrambling to catch up, and 2019 looks to be following a similar pattern. In the benchmarks, the iPhone 11 Pro Max outperforms all of its rivals by a significant margin, both for CPU and graphics-intensive tasks. If recent history is anything to go by, this year’s iPhones will still be one of the fastest smartphones on the planet 12 months from now.
You might think that such power – benchmarking faster than the Surface Pro 6 in Geekbench 4 – is a little over the top for a phone and that is certainly the case for things like running basic apps and performing core functions. However, it is put to good use here, particularly in the phone’s extended dynamic range 4K video recording mode. Here, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is able to capture 4K footage at 120fps – fully stabilised – with each alternate frame shot at different levels of exposure to produce video at 60fps with a pseudo-HDR effect. 4K video capture is probably the most demanding thing you can ask any mobile chipset to process and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the most advanced 4K video mode of any smartphone on the market.

It’s battery life where the iPhone 11 Pro Max shows most improvement over last year, with a huge gain of 7hrs 22mins in our video rundown test (which we run with the screen brightness set to 170cd/m² and airplane mode engaged), for a total time of 20hrs 7mins. That matches Apple’s claims of “up to 20 hours” by the way, which is reassuring.

Come and grab a bargain, make a good offer...

Ad ID: 1432186259

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