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Posting for 1+ years

House built in 2018

Woolwich, London



Posting for 1+ years

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37 days ago
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1 hectar land with house for sale in Peru, San Martín province.

The place is situated in what is referred to as selva alta or high jungle at approximately 900 metres above sea level and offers a spectacular view over the valley below. Here farmers grow coffee, cacao, sugarcane, avocadoes, mangos, papaya, coconuts, breadfruit, cherimoya and much more.
The closest town is known as Lamas.
There is no vehicle access, only accessible by foot from the asphalted road which is approximately 500 metres away. The house and the property is hidden behind the forest, so the only thing you can see around you is mother nature. Lots of bird life.

The house was finished in 2018, and consists of two floors made in an 8-shape of two circles. The total area of the house is approximately 142m2, 71 m2 each floor, and consists of a bathroom downstair, a living room, a kitchen and one bedroom. A simple wooden ladder has been made to get to the second floor.

Upstairs everything is ready for a second bathroom, as soon as water connection from the village of Pamashto or from another nearby source is done. I can help getting you in touch with people able to help with this.

There is an unfinished reservoir that can hold Approximately 20,000 litres of water. The advantage of living in a rural area like this is that there are no need to ask for building permissions. This house was also built without. Having said that, the climate here is quite humid, especially during rainy season (January - May), and during the past couple of years the house has experienced problems with moisture in the small circle where the bedroom is situated, which needs attention. Possibly by dehumidifier or by making another window to get more air flowing through. There is however no electricity, except one solar panel. There's also need for a new roof on the second floor. Having lived at the place for a few years, I know a few local builders who may assist in building a new roof without having to spend a lot of money, and who also have valuable knowledge of the house since they were a part of building it. The house has been rented out the past three years for $500 a month, and unfortunately I haven't been able to be there at all to take care of any maintenance. The pictures are taken when I left the place in 2018.

Ad ID: 1458775585


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