Ingenuity baby / toddler booster feeding seat

Rogerstone, Newport


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Contact Gareth

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5 days ago


For Sale: Ingenuity baby / toddler booster feeding seat.

You can either place this seat on the ground or on a chair. It has straps to wrap around and underneath the chair to ensure it is stable.

This has been fantastic when going out to restaurants so our son can use the main table rather than just using a high chair. We found this to be much more hygienic as not all restaurants clean high chairs after use. It is completely wipe down friendly.

It has a removable foam insert so as the baby grows, you can remove it so they can use it for longer.

It has a built in table which is stored under the seat.

Is also has a little toy which fits onto the edge of the table to keep them entertained.

It’s a really good size, and light weight, so if you wanted to you could put in a rucksack and carry around with you for the day.

This seat was an absolute godsend. We wouldn’t have managed without it!

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