Frenzel Deluxe Plus 525 and Fender Deluxe George Benson 1 x 12 speaker cabinet

Portsmouth, Hampshire


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Contact Graham

13 days ago


2019 Frenzel Deluxe Plus 525 with Fender Deluxe 1 x 12 George Benson Speaker Cabinet. Home use only and in virtually as new condition.
These amps are hand made in Texas, USA, with point to point wiring and top grade components. They are built to order and are much less expensive than 'boutique' equivalents, due to direct sales from the workshop and utilitarian styling, however there are no compromises to quality and sound.
The basic circuit is based on the classic Fender 5E3 but with many upgrades, as can be seen in the photos and as listed on the Frenzel website.

25 Watts Multi Power Level 1/4 - 1/2 - Full

4-8-16 Ohm Speaker Switch

Dual Channel Deluxe & Plexi Preamps

Separate Gains With Bright Switches

Deep Bass Switch

3 Band Tone Stack

Presence With Edge Boost

6L6-EL34 Bias Switch

Post OT Line Out With Level

Tubes: 3 -12AX7, 2-6L6, 5AR4

To my ears, this amp and speaker combination sounds fantastic. Of course, there is the option of changing the speaker cabinet to suit music styles. I will split the pair and sell the amp for £500.00 and the cab for £200.00.
I think the prices are fair but will haggle a bit, if bought as a pair.
No exchanges thanks. Local pickup preferred but I will deliver free, within a 50 mile radius of Portsmouth, after pre payment. Thanks.

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