Bilston, West Midlands
244 days ago


Hi there, I have a 14 year old son, his mother ran out on him and now its up to me to pick him up, I currently live in London but originally I'm from Birmingham, I came to London 10 years ago, but now I am coming back home, my son is down and his education and ability to socialize is been effected, I'm also down because I don't want this for him, my plan I to get some kind of accommodation via the council and get in to work asap, for me to do this I will need to come to Bilston , its going to be arkward for me just to spend 1 day then go to London to come back, I'm in a desperate situation , I'm in tears everyday I cannot just live a normal life now, I'm going be there for him and hopefully I can live with me in a happy home with me... If there is any kind of support out there like temporary accommodation for a few days or anything to make my son who Is a wonderful lad who is 14, my son will be in care untill I can sort my self out which will be quick, we are britsh of Caribbean origin.

If there is any support please let me know, how could a mother run out on her child, 1 day I hope to do a documentary on this, she also stoped me from seeing my son when he was a child.WHY WHY😢🙏

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