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Swan small fridge freezer - great condition! 1120x435x475mm

Tower Bridge, London £50.00
339 days ago


Don't you hate it when your fresh food and dairy products go mouldy when you leave them lying around in your room-temperature room? Ever wished you could have chilled water without having to order a block of ice from glaciers in Switzerland?

I've got good news for you: both of these problems will be things of the past if you buy my refrigerator-freezer. It's basically a sealed-tight box of coldness to keep your food fresh and/or frozen!

Ever heard of ice cream?! It's gonna be your new favourite thing once you start using the freezer that sits on top of the fridge! Vegan or lactose intolerant?! No problem, Ben & Jerry's now make really great dairy-free ice cream, I tried it this weekend and it's fantastic!

Back to this fridge though: you're probably thinking, "I'm a Londoner, I have no space for these specialist appliances in my tiny, tiny flat." No problem! This fantastic magical box of chill is svelt af!

It's 112cm/44.1in high, 43.5cm/17.1in deep (front to back) and 47.5cm/18.7in wide.

Those dimensions again in millimetres: 1120x435x475mm!

That's nothing! It'll probably fit in the cupboard under your stairs if you have stairs!

It has TWO shelves in the chilled part and ONE in the frozen bit, PLUS a special draw for "crisping" your vegetables, because nobody likes a soft veggie!

It was manufactured by the Swan company and it's an SR5240W - don't ask me what the significance of that is but if you like swans, then maybe this will fit into your life?!

Oh, and it's white. Check out the photos and get in touch! Stop living in the dark ages and GET YOURSELF A REFRIGERATOR!

(Photos: Banana for scale. Banana not included. Please do not refrigerate bananas as it ruins the flavour and makes them gooey)

## FAQ

=== Does it work? ===

Like a charm! I've only had it for a year but it's worked fine with no issues in that time.

=== How old is it? ===

Honestly I don't know as I bought it from the previous owner, but from Googling around it seems to have been released in 2006 so AT MOST it's 11 years old, but probably a little less than that.

=== Why you selling this? ===

I spent all my money this year renovating my kitchen and I had a built-in fridge put in, so I need to sell this now-redundant fridge to pay for food so I can put that food in my new, built-in fridge.

=== How will I get this home? ===

You'll have to pick it up because I don't have a car! But I will help you carry it down the staircase in my building as long as I'm not horribly injured before the pick-up date, as I live on the first floor.

=== What makes this fridge better than 90% of the fridges being sold used on the web? ===

Uh, probably the fact that I cleaned it? Seriously, when you get this into your flat you might be like, "oh there's a teensy bit of dirt but actually I can use this thing straight away!"

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