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Meadows, Edinburgh


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Posting for 3+ years

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46 days ago


Hello !

You would like to learn French and I can only approve this choice! ;-) If you want to learn French in an innovative way and make sure you can really, effectively communicate and understand when you talk to native speakers, you are in the right place!

I am Marina, a French native speaker. I am offering private lessons to adults to learn, improve and practice French in Edinburgh and online and I am currently taking new students :-)


We do not use our brain fully. Having been trained in memory techniques and with a background in psychology, I came to this conclusion. So I have designed an innovative learning method using mnemonics to help learn better and faster. Your lessons will include :

* All grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation presented in a 'memorable' way
* Guided memorisation sessions in each lesson
* Customised approach according to your type of learning (auditory, visual or kinaesthetic)
* Advice and methods to practice efficiently at home and with native speakers
* Your areas of interest, as much as possible


Your lessons will be pretty structured, although adapted to any kind of goal, pace or learning style. Your course will be divided in modules of about 6-8 lessons. The modules are built around a focus theme and follow a logical sequence in order to progressively cover all the level's knowledge and skills. But modules can also be customised according to your weaknesses, goals, pace and areas of interests. Each lesson typically includes :

* A base material : video, song, article, book extract, movie extract, comic, artwork...
* An audio and a written version of the material
* Pronunciation points
* Grammar points
* Memorisation tricks
* Practical exercises
* Links to practice online
* Rich, engaging homework

This way, each lesson covers all skills of the language learning (understanding, speaking, reading and writing) and each technical area (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary). However lessons can also focus on one of these at times according to your progression.


I create all materials myself so no external textbook purchase will be required. You will be provided with :

* A printed or PDF summary of each lesson
* Full grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation content for the level
* Links and recommendations to practice on your own


At the moment, I tend to favour online lessons but it is possible in person too. If they are delivered online, it will be through a video-conferencing website such as Zoom or Skype. If it is in person, it can happen in the student's home or in my local coworking space in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am based in the area of Marchmont and as I am being quite busy I am only going to the student's home providing it is central and near this area. If you wish me to come to your home outside of this central area, I would charge £5 for transport time.

I love travelling so, although I am based in Edinburgh, I may switch to online lessons occasionally if you have lessons in person and I am away, but that would be on limited periods of time.

Please note I am only teaching to adults for now as my method is not yet adapted to children, I am sorry!


The standard price is £25 per hour (£20 for non-refundable advance payment).

Assessment phone call is free of charge.


My name is Marina, I am a native French, I have been living in Edinburgh for 6 years and I have been teaching French for 3 years. Passionate with teaching, I also have a background in Psychology and Arts' history and I have been trained at a high level in memory and focus techniques. Together with 6 years experience setting up activities in youth camps, I have a large skill set that allowed me to design my own fun, interactive teaching method in French for adults.

I am friendly, patient, and very attentive to your personal progress. There will be regular assessments to measure your progress and to make sure that you can effectively use the skills you have learned.


Please drop me a message with a bit about yourself, your goals in learning French and your estimated level. We will then be able to plan a 15 min free call to introduce ourselves and assess your level! You can also check my website online in looking for 'French to take away Edinburgh tutoring'.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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