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Posting for 1+ months

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43 days ago


Hello YOU! I know the reason you landed on this page is that one of your biggest dreams is to open many doors worldwide through language learning while creating a meaningful life.

But if you keep your linguistic goals in mind and you know what you want to achieve, then it's important to consider something. Motivation, self-confidence and inner strength are important elements to develop a growth mindset and, therefore, feeling empowered enough to achieve your goals.

We all struggle with frustration, fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, lack of motivation, feeling overwhelmed… I've been there myself. I know you might think that learning a language is difficult, that you have no time or no opportunities to practice, that you are not good enough in your target language, that your schedule is so busy that learning a language becomes overwhelming. But the truth is that you know you deserve to get back on track and have the right mindset to stay motivated to achieve your goals. 

And that's why I'm here for you today: to help you to develop a positive attitude and mindset about learning French by touching on the root of your obstacles. My experience with self-learning multiple languages helped me develop this new brand new mentoring program to meet your expectations. The fantastic thing is that you'll not only learn how to achieve your linguistic goals. You'll also learn how to master several important aspects around languages, including motivation, long-term memory, mindset, vocabulary, practical tools that you can use in your everyday life, a study plan directly adapted to your needs, and so much more.  

✰ I will create a custom study plan exactly according to your needs and goals based on all the components you need to learn a new language: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, cultural context according to your learning style.

✰ I'll create for you personalised resources, challenges, templates, worksheets and useful tools so you can practice during the week and integrating your target language in your daily life according to your specific needs, goals and learning style.

✰ I'll also include other elements that I've learned through my polyglot journey: the science of learning, the neuroplasticity of the brain, how to engage your brain in the learning process, improving your long-term memory while developing a bilingual brain and a polyglot mindset, consolidation of what you've learned, engaging practice to activate your learning, etc. so you can remember what you've learned for life!
1. Motivation/mindset/self-discovery/personal growth: 
♡ I'll be your BEST cheerleader, and I'll always motivate & support you during your polyglot journey.

♡ We will dive into your struggles, mental blocks, fears, passions, values & purpose. I'll give you practical tools for dealing with frustration, fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and your inner voice, and connecting with your higher purpose and your deepest goals. By changing the way you perceive these challenges and rewrite your thoughts to see your target language positively and with confidence.  

♡ I'll be an amazing support system for you to help you be in the right mindset to achieve your goals and develop long-term motivation.

♡ We will work together to help you to take massive actions on your short and long term goals by using the SMART method, on your monthly intention, on the obstacles that prevent you from learning your target language. We will also track your monthly progress, and we will make sure that this learning journey will build your self-confidence by using your natural talents and full potential.

♡ You'll receive weekly questions, journaling prompts, challenges, motivation, habit tracking, mindset pep-talk to help you outside your comfort zone and help you develop intrinsic motivation and grow in this journey.

♡ I'll take you accountable and help you to stay committed - You can send me unlimited emails if you need unlimited support, encouragement and, of course, accountability!!! *******

2. Travel/cultural immersion:

♡ We will create an authentic virtual cultural immersion to help build that confidence so you can travel freely in the future. If you want to explore/work/live in particular countries, I'll make sure to include plenty of cultural content in your learning process. Learning a language will also teach you everything you need to know about your dream destination, including its cultural context, history, politics, geography, way of life, cross-cultural communication with the locals, etc. We will also discuss how to create a wonderful and authentic cultural immersion experience and how to bring your dream destination to your current reality through language learning.

3. Your soul's true purpose, meaningful life and projects

♡ I will assist you in finding your passion, connecting to your soul's true purpose, and fully experiencing and building your dream fulfilled meaningful life from Day 1. In addition, I will work with you to create concrete goals and action plans while learning French. 

♡ Passionate about making a positive impact, I support change-makers in positively impacting the world locally and globally and creating social change locally and internationally. It includes exploring the social context, how you can ensure your community project can meet a social need, essential resources, how to discover how you want to contribute to the world, your highest potential, etc. 

♡ Bonus: We can extend our collaboration even further to make your services and projects(school, career, business, personal, etc.) accessible in multiple languages as soon as possible.

Imagine yourself a few months from now… You'll be able to boost your language skills with your five senses, easily integrate your target language in your daily life, deeply connect with new amazing cultures. And most importantly, you'll envision and become the best version of yourself and have the right mindset to achieve your fluency goals by expressing yourself in French with confidence.

If you want to take concrete actions to develop a growth mindset, discover your full potential, unlock opportunities worldwide through language learning, and most importantly, find your inner resources to build a meaningful life… book a free discovery call now.

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