Marine fish and coral

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Breaking down my 6ft marine tank
Have loads of marine live rock all shapes and sizes plus some corals and fish.
Obviously breaking it down in stages as don’t want to stress live stock out.
Fish I have are:
Medium regal tang £50
Large yellow tang. £50
Medium coral beauty £40
Two green chromis £6 each
Three black bar chromis £5 each
Large red spot goby £25
Large convict blenny. £40
One emperor cardinal £25
Three pyjama cardinal £15 each
Two blue/yellow damsels £5each
Two large clown fish £40

5 pink anemones £20 each
Two purple/blue tube anemones £20 each
One large purple mushroom £20
I have some wickes mushroom coral aswell on separate rocks £20 smaller piece £40 larger
Selling all rock at £10 kilo
Also will be selling sand, power heads, heaters etc but have to split down to not stress fish

Regal tang, yellow tang, coral beauty, convict blenny have all gone plus both tube nems

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