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The listing is for medium sized snails which will be between 1.5 and 2.5 cm long. Please see the 'snail size' bit further down for more info on this.

The Malaysian Trumpet Snail is a great addition to any aquarium. There are some with different patterns, shapes, size, dark or light coloured. It is a beautiful snail to see up close in person.
There is a lot of bad rep that all snails have received. A lot of hobbyists tend to think that having any type of snail in their aquarium is horrible and all must be removed immediately. Most snails will actually leave your plants alone and instead eat the algae off of the leaves as well as glass. Do not think that a snail is a pest; they can be extremely useful in any aquarium.

The Malaysian Trumpet Snail is actually a benefit to any aquarium for several reasons. It will not eat your plants at all. This snail also will not "muscle" your shrimp off of food meant for the shrimp. The Malaysian Trumpet Snail feeds on detritus and leftover food that is underneath the substrate. It actually burrows in the substrate and moves around throughout. You will rarely see this snail during the day. Occasionally it will emerge from the substrate. A cool thing is that sometimes you will see the substrate move and you will know that there is a Malaysian Trumpet Snail underneath doing its cleaning duties.

The fact that this snail burrows and eats detritus is an excellent perk to having it. Another great perk is that while it is underneath the substrate moving it is at the same time aerating the substrate. Substrate aeration is a great benefit to planted aquariums as it promotes air exchange and root growth. They will not disturb any plant roots or move wood/rocks around your aquarium.

The Malaysian Trumpet Snail reproduces live young and does not lay eggs. They can reproduce rapidly however. Rapid reproduction is a sign that you either need to feed your inhabitants less or vacuum the gravel extensively. You do not want to rely on this snail to do all of the gravel cleaning. High temperatures can also result in rapid reproduction if coupled with overfeeding.

This snail is an all-around must have for most aquariums. They are very cool to look at, extremely docile, do not eat plants, aerate substrate, eat detritus, and do not harm other inhabitants. I highly recommend this snail to anyone.


Trumpet snails can grow to 3-4cm in length - you will generally receive ones between 1.5-2.5cm in length. If I have a shortage of larger snails I will send you smaller ones but more of them.


Malaysian Trumpet Snails will feed of algae from plant leaves and rotting matter within the substrate. They eat most different types of algae but their diet can be supplemented with algae wafers and flake food but in most tanks this is not necessary.

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