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Contact Perry


Posting for 9+ years

Tired of Operating Your Business? Need a Proven and Professional Managing Director to Relieve You?

West End, London


Posting for 9+ years

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Contact Perry


38 days ago


Have you built a successful business, but have run out of steam to keep operating it?

Looking for more time on the 'beach', but knowing that someone responsible and qualified can take over to drive the business forward?

Feel like you are leaving money on the table, and you need someone to chase down opportunity to grow your business both organically and via M&A?

I may be the 'rockstar' you are seeking!

A bit about me:

*Oxford MBA
*Educated in 4 countries - with considerable international business experience
*London based
*20+ years in Private Equity and M&A
*Acquired, operated and exited multiple SME companies
*Highly relationship driven and bottom line focused

What I bring to the table:

*Strong leadership qualities, with the ability to inspire and guide cross-functional teams to achieve exceptional results
*Excellent communication and negotiation skills, enabling building trust with clients and facilitating productive discussions
*Strong business development aptitude
*An ability to organically grow both top-line and bottom-line turnover and profits.
*An ability to assist you to acquire your competitor via M&A, and double the size of your business.

To sum myself up in 2 words:

"Collaborative" and "Responsible"

I like to take-in opinions and viewpoints from others before arriving at a decision.

And I do not believe that things typically happen 'last minute.' I plan ahead to mitigate risk.

What I am looking for:

A well established London based business that is perhaps a bit flat revenue-wise, where, after many years, the owner has taken their 'eyes off the ball' and is maybe feeling a bit burnt out.

I am sector agnostic and typically looking at sub-£20M turnover businesses. Large enough that they are well established, have critical mass and 3rd-party market validation. However, small enough that there is plenty of room to expand and grow!

The owner is perhaps looking to sell eventually, but really needs to first ramp up the turnover and EBITDA before bringing it to market to maximise an exit...but is out of steam to do it.

I am seeking a 'market rate' compensation package with additional upside tied to my success of delivering results and increasing shareholder value.

If you are looking a 'safe pair of hands' to operate your business and an experienced professional to grow your business, then let's have a chat!

As a sidebar to this, when it does eventually come time to sell your business, I may also be someone to potentially acquire the business from you down the road.

So, I may be both an operator and an exit plan for you!

But this is discussion for another day....

Either way, I welcome the opportunity to speak with any serious business owners looking for someone to operate and grow their business - and open to explore a potential mutual fit...

Look forward to hearing from you at your convenience!

Ad ID: 1480669792