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17 days ago



If so then come and learn to trade in London. Invest 2 FULL DAYS with someone who has over 15 years of trading experience and have trained and coached hundreds of aspiring traders reach their goal of being able to trade for a living either full or part time.

ONE TO ONE TRAINING\COACHING (IN PERSON, NOT ONLINE) is absolutely the very best way to learn this skill. Nothing can compare to this personal direct hands on method of teaching.

This is an excellent opportunity to accelerate your learning curve by years and to leave behind the vast majority of traders who are unsuccessful.


1: How to read PRICE ACTION with a very high degree of accuracy. Once you learn this valuable skill your trading will never ever be the same again, and you will be light years ahead of all the amateur novice traders and even more skilled than many of the seasoned traders.

2: Learn to trade in line with the big boys, institutions and hedge funds. Profit from the big moves and be on the RIGHT side of the markets with a very high degree of accuracy and consistency. High probability and very low risk.

3: I will show you exactly where to enter and exit each trade in order to squeeze the maximum amount of profit out of the markets along with professional money management and advanced trade management skills that I personally use. I TEACH YOU EXACTLY THE WAY I TRADE!

4: Forget all the hype about useless indicators, ridiculous robots and second hand signal services. You will never break away from the herd of loosing traders if you keep wasting your time with such rubbish. All pros who have achieved consistency with their trading know that these don’t work.

5: Secrets to quickly building your account that all the pro's know. This is very important for all those that wish to make a career in this business and either work within a trading company or to start their own fund.

6: Stress free trading with a high level of confidence. The correct mindset, approach that is vital to get to this stage.

7: Trade either part-time or full-time. Fit around other commitments. No watching a screen all day. (This is insane and unnecessary)

8: How to quickly accelerate your learning and understanding of the markets and achieve success in months not years!

9: Exactly what you must do in order to break away from the majority of losing traders and become one of the consistent winners. Much easier than you may think!

10: Many more very important subjects will also be covered in depth during the training + coaching.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS FULL 2 DAYS TRAINING IS JUST YOU AND ME – 100% FOCUS ON YOUR LEARNING. This is NOT done over the internet like Skype which is the most ridiculous way of learning such a skill. Live One to One in person is the only true way to really learn such valuable skills in the beginning and anything less is a complete waste of your precious time, effort and money!

**This also includes a minimum of “SIX MONTHS COACHING” thereafter to help you make solid progress with your new skills that you have learned. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT!**


** This is a new venture which is proving very popular and a valuable service for the most serious students/traders. All my students will now have access to my other students who know the value of learning/coaching and are very eager to pass on what they know. This will provide a great learning experience for new students to gain help from others who have already been through extensive training. I will however still keep coaching you but now you are able to get additional help from those who came before you! The TRADING ROOM, is also a meeting place with many of my other students and professionals who trade for a living or are moving in that direction and looking to run their own funds. This is only for those that have undergone training and are at an acceptable level in order for them to contribute and convey their skills to that of the trading room. This is flexible and can be use at any time, although the evening is the main time which is excellent for those that still have day jobs, studies or other commitments. An awesome bunch of down to earth people who are passionate about trading in the same way and sharing their trade setups/ideas and generally helping each other out. LEARNING TO TRADE IS AN ONGOING PROCESS THAT NEEDS TO BE APPROACHED FROM ALL LEVELS IN AN ENVIRONMENT WITH OTHER LIKE MINDED PEOPLE - ALL OF THE ABOVE IS AT NO EXTRA COST WHATSOEVER. PERFECT!!!



GET IN TOUCH NOW for full details of the valuable TRAINING + COACHING that I am offering and to arrange a no obligation, relaxed meeting over tea/coffee in order to answer any questions that you may have and to discuss everything in more depth. I am based in the London City area financial district close to several major underground/rail/bus links for easy access.

(PLEASE NOTE - WEBSITE LINK, TELEPHONE NUMBER in the contact details above)


(Only genuine inquiries from those who seriously wish to learn to trade only please)

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