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Freudian Clip The Film Club shows hit movie Groundhog Day: does this film reveal secret to happiness

West End, London
17 days ago
Event date
10 Oct 2017


Harley Street Consultant Psychiatrist, best-selling author and broadcaster, Dr Raj Persaud is not like other doctors, while they dish out the Prozac, Dr Raj perscribes pop corn and a great film. Several books have been written now on so-called movie therapy where carefully selected films may deliver the kind of emotional impact and understanding of the human condition which could help you understand yourself better and maybe even cheer you up if you are depressed. While there is a debate within the therapy professions about whether a film can ever really replace seeing a clinician, particularly if there is something seriously awry psychologically, the reality is getting to see a good psychotherapist can be expensive if you went privately, while on the NHS there can be long waiting lists, plus they may not think you are ill enough to squander scarce resources on. Then there is the nightmare of trying to get to see your GP in order to secure a referral for a therapist. In the meantime you could much more easily see a film, but the problem is which one is right for your particular problem? Psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud has a prescription pad of matching movies to any particular madness or sadness. So if you want to know what to watch when recovering from being dumped, or if you are suffering from unrequited love or even if you are so low you think Vietnam war movie 'Apocalypse Now' describes you life, then make an appointment for this upcoming talk/film event. At the next episode of Freudian Clip The Film Club the Bill Murray blockbuster 'Groundhog Day' is showing at Britain's oldest cinema, so come join the debate. Can a good film be as helpful as a good therapy session?

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