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Posting for 1+ months

Cleaning services

Portsmouth, Hampshire

Posting for 1+ months

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40 days ago


Haven't got time to clean your property or premises? You have come to the right place because this business offers competitive workers with determination and commitment to excellence while providing professional cleaning services. Please give me a call or a message to discuss your requirements, and don't hesitate to recommend our services to family and friends, thank you for your cooperation!

Your satisfaction is paramount to our prosperity! We offer end-of-tenancy, deep cleaning, like offices, and residential homes, to large companies that need accurate cleaning; providing flexible, customer-chosen options for residential services. We require our clients to provide specialized cleaning chemicals for our cleaning accountabilities while dealing with biohazards. As a priority of our services, we cater to families with young children.

Our Residential cleaners are detail-focused and keep track of quality maintenance. Cleaning will also take a longer time because of these details. Because of this, the rates might have to be higher to compensate for a lower business volume over a day. As a commercial cleaner, we specialize in cleaning schools, offices, hospitals, shops, and other large spaces where businesses operate, for hospitals, we use cleaning materials that are certified to be safe for everyone.

We are happy to provide overnight cleaning for your convenience, including handling sterile environments, through janitors so people can move through the spaces easily.

Ad ID: 1478836295