Sharpei- for sale through no fault of her own

Topsham, Devon £100.00
253 days ago
2 years
Ready to leave


Beau is a female sharpei... I purchased her as a puppy and she has been raised in a family home. She is vaccinated, and neutered/spayed.

She isn’t good with other dogs and would love a home where the owner has time to spend with her, and to continue with training.

Beau is on a raw diet, has already had her eyes operated on to stop any issues and is generally in good health. She has unconfirmed allergies so we don’t feed scraps etc and we use a barrier cream to stop itchy skin.

Beau is a loving dog, but can be very protective of her home... she can be left alone for periods of time with no issues...

Beau is not a lap dog but would be a great companion.

We are sadly re-homing due to longer working hours and Beau simply not having the time she deserves.

Money asked is to filter out anyone who could purchase her with ill intention... and be warned! I will be fussy about where she goes!

Ad ID: 1270016524

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