Hardwood Extendable Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Oak Style Dining Table - Seats Up To 12

Clifton, Bristol


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Painted version also available (£695), finished in 130+ Farrow & Ball colours.

This table design is made from new tropical fruitwood, selected for it's rustic and hard-wearing properties. The wood shares many characteristics with oak, including the fine grain and heavy weight. It's a wood which during the 18th and 19th centuries was widely used for the construction of fine country furniture in England, thanks to it's interesting grain and wearing capabilities.

At 255cm long extended - over 8ft - this size is traditionally a benchmark for an twelve-seater table. So this can turn from a six-seater to an twelve-seater in a matter of seconds with a couple of easily added extensions.

If you're looking for a useful, extendable dining table without compromising on style, rustic appeal or originality, then this is the one.

Please note - Although solid and sturdy, there are natural and deliberate imperfections to this product, so please consider this before purchasing.


Height: 78cm
Width: 165cm
Depth: 90cm

Extended Dimensions:

Height: 78cm
Width: 255cm
Depth: 90cm

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