Casual Delivery Driver Work in Peterculter and Surrounding Areas Available from Beelivery

Peterculter, Aberdeen
Full Time
9 days ago
£8-£15 hr
We Deliver Local Ltd T/A Beelivery
24 Apr 2021
Contract type
Recruiter Type
Direct Employer

We Deliver Local Ltd T/A Beelivery

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Do you want to earn money delivering items from your nearby convenience store or supermarket?

Do you take pride in delivering excellent customer service?

You must own an Android smartphone or iPhone; be over 18, own a bike, car, scooter or motorcycle; and have a friendly, positive attitude. No experience necessary.

You will be paid on a per delivery basis; this usually ranges between £8 - £20 depending on the distance traveled and the size of the order. If the customer is nearby, it is possible to complete the delivery in less than half an hour.

You choose your own hours. Once signed up to Beelivery, you will be sent nearby delivery notifications in your area, which you can then choose to accept or reject depending on whether you are available to carry out that particular delivery.

As long as you are a positive, upbeat person who can deliver within 90 minutes, we want you to join the Beelivery team!

You can find out more information and apply on our website to start receiving delivery notifications.

PLEASE NOTE: We are new to your area so to begin with delivery notifications will be few and far between. It takes some time before new areas become busy. Each satisfied customer is a potential for more orders in the future.

See this as a great extra way to supplement your income rather than treating it as a way to earn a full time income.

Click 'Apply' at the top of this ad to find out further information and apply.

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We Deliver Local Ltd T/A Beelivery

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