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Learn Tiling - Learn a Trade

Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire
65 days ago


Learn Tiling, Tiler Training
There are a shortage of Tilers throughout the U.K. including Scotland.
That's why Tiling is a very well paid job with Tilers earning in excess of £1,000 per week.
For example, an average size bathroom being re-tiled on walls and floor, taking 2 days (which is slow), would bring in a PROFIT of approximately £600.
One guy booked a course ( at the suggestion of his wife ), as her pal was getting £1,000 per week housekeeping allowance from her husband who was a tiler.
Another lady very recently took a Tiling course. She was Labouring to a Tiler I had trained about a year previously. He recommended my Tiling course to her. She said that this guy is taking home £1,500 in a quiet week. That is why she took the course.
We at Diy Trade School teach a 5 day intensive, 'hands on' tiling course at our purpose built training centre in Coatbridge.
If you need longer we'll continue to teach you at NO EXTRA COST. We can't be any fairer than that.
Previously, this course was held over a 10 day period but I found I would have to slow the trainee down then add meaningless training, that looked wonderfull, to fill in the time, but which you would never ever do in a lifetime of tiling.
That is not only dishonest, but also immoral. I see many training centres doing this and charging extra money. Disgusting. Karma will get them.
The course is very easily learned and suited to all people from school leavers to pensioners.
There are no exams to sit and the course is 99% 'hands on.' You only stop practicing when you are being taught something new.
Q - Your courses seem short, do I need a longer course.
A - No, TILER SCHOOL offers fast track professional training to a very high standard.
The methods we use are at the highest level to get the job done fast.
The course has been running for several years and is structured to get maximum learning over to you in the shortest timescale, many learners have already successfully completed our tiling program and are successfully running their own businesses.
Our method of teaching is : Explain It, Demonstrate It, then you Practice It.
We also explain, and demonstrate different techniques to complete the same task and have you practice these different techniques.
Some training centres may seem cheap in price but they draw the training out so you need to keep going back and back which ends up costing thousands.
We are straight to the point to get the job done and various techniques into your head.
Q - How good will I be after I finish the course?
A - We have an 100% successful track record with many testimonials over the years.
Our course is so well structured and the demonstrations are explained so clearly its hard not to follow and do a good job. We expect you to achieve a very high standard by the time you leave, most people cannot believe what they have actually produced.
What is the difference between our course and others?
We only run professional tiling courses, we DON'T run basic courses which leave you unable to go out and work.
Going on a course to stick a few tiles on a basic wall with no problems on it and with basic setting out is just an introduction to tiling.
Our School training teaches you what you need to know when tiling out in the real world of customers jobs, all the different problems to deal with and how to overcome them.
We don't have you sitting watching video's etc which saves us materials.
It's constant practice with the tools and materials from start to finish.
We will teach you ALL the skills you need to start working as a Tiler and start earning money immediately upon completion of the course.
You are taught from the very basics to a high level so that you hit the ground running and immediately able to take up employment or start your own business.
In addition to the technical skills taught, we teach you how to price a job, how to lay-out a job and where to buy tools and consumables etc.
So, here's the bottom line. You can learn a skill that's in demand, easily learned and pays great money or you can continue to struggle through life in this time of austerity.
The course lasts 5 days and the cost will normally be easily recouped during your first weeks work.
Recommendations? Read this from Benny :
'So happy with what Robert has taught me. I never thought I could tile to such a high standard in such a short time. Cheers for all your time and skills you've given me.
Read this from Peter :
Excellent course. Great tutor in Robert. Very knowledgeable person. Well worth the money. Learned a lot of useful tips. Rab is the real deal, a legend.
Read this from Dean :
Picked up 5 jobs already after showing people pictures of the work I did at the training centre.
Read this from Stephen :
Finished my first job today and the guy was so delighted he's given me another job. I'm really enjoying tiling thanks to yourself. Stephens client gave him a review saying "Stephen did a great job tiling our kitchen and WC. The work was of the highest standard and Stephen was professional and very tidy. I highly recommend Stephen."
Read this from James who is one of many Plumbers I've trained.
Hi Rab, Just to say a huge thanks for this week. I got everything out of your course to increase my chances, as a plumber, getting jobs with some tiling.
- I've had lots of Plumbers on this Tiling course because they were losing Bathroom refurbishment jobs as they couldn't get a Tiler who was available to do the tiling side of the refurbishment/upgrade.
Approximately 90% of the people who take this course and who have a tiled bathroom say they have been disgusted by the standard of Tiling that had been done on their bathroom. They hadn't noticed how bad the tiling was until they'd taken this course and appreciated the high levels of tiling we teach them.
The course is by far the cheapest in Britain at £650 and a certificate is given upon completion of the course.
Routes to Work have recently approved paying in full for this course in our training centre for eligible persons.
If you want more info on us then google 'Learn Tiling Footballers'
We have trained many many footballers sent by the FA and players union the PFA over the years for life after football and have been featured in Scottish newspapers, Sky Sports News and Clyde Radio.
The fact that they have been sending footballers time and time again is testimony to the fact that they are happy with the Tiling Training provided.
We are a very spiritual family and feel that you should help others when you can.
We have trained over the years, and continue to train, Homeless people, Autistic people and people with Mental health problems, all for free.. We support Food banks and charity's too.
That is why, for those who pay we are easily the cheapest in Britain with the next cheapest being £300 dearer. We do have overheads and are doing our best to help people.
Call or text me on 07803322272
Thank you. Robert.

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