Simon's Technology Teaching Service

Sandown, Isle of Wight
63 days ago


‘Pay what you can’ technology teaching and help on the Isle of Wight

On a recent pilgrimage to Assisi, I found myself teaching an 80-year old lady how to work with her website. Finding the easiest ways for her to know how to do the bare essentials was challenging, but it was incredibly fulfilling to watch her become more and more liberated from the mentality that, for whatever reason, she didn’t have the ability to do it herself.

Returning to the Isle of Wight in October 2017, I have new perspective on things, and feel ready to offer a tuition service to anyone that comes my way. You could consider me to be a computer repair guy who will always teach how I have come to a solution.

Connecting with the Franciscan teachings very strongly, I realise that money isn’t everything, and I do have much room for simplifying my life. So all of the services I offer will be on a ‘pay what you can’ scale – with an emphasis on the client learning essential life skills in the process.

I can work on any form of technology, having had a lifetime of working with it (I started on DOS at aged 3…! I’m now 27 😁 ), though do specialise particularly on Windows and Android. I can fix or diagnose printer problems, network issues, slow/overheating/loud computers, website issues….and could give a good look at whatever else you may want to know about or have fixed.

I am registered as UK self-employed, so when it comes time for you to ‘pay what you can’ you give me the figure and I fill in the invoice.

I am based in Brading, but travelling normally by bicycle I can cover anywhere as far away as Newport/Wootton/Ryde/Bembridge/Shanklin/Godshill.

Do please email me or leave me a voicemail/whatsapp/text on the linked email address/phone number with whatever enquiry you might have.

Ad ID: 1270099190

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