Dark / Cloud / Ghost Kitchen Rental - 2.4 Million Customers - Birmingham City

Birmingham, West Midlands
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04 Jan 2022


Griller Kitchens Birmingham

Final Phase Kitchens Available

Rent a Professional Commercial Kitchen in Birmingham

It has become increasingly difficult for the restaurant industry in these recent times. Many food businesses are choosing to concentrate on their takeaway/delivery aspect of their business. By using a 'cloud kitchen' you can keep your running costs down whilst maintaining the highest standards. Our kitchens start from a 18.5m² secured work space with extraction and worktops as standard. Located on the edge of Birmingham's soon to be congestion Zone, our kitchens have excellent links to the A34 & A38 as well as accessing the city centre within minutes. Birmingham city and the surrounding urban areas has a population in excess of 2.4 million people. Those are potential customers than can be on your businesses doorstep. We have listed some of the features of renting a 'cloud kitchen'

Ideal for:
• New Start Ups
• Part Time Caterers
• Expanding Your Business
• Testing New Menus
• Increasing Takeaway Food Capacity
• Downsizing/Reducing Overheads
• Accessing 2.4 million customers
• Partnering with Food Delivery Networks

• Situated near the city, within a 3 Mile Radius of 2.4m Population of Birmingham
• Outside of Birmingham Congestion Zone
• Secure, Bright and Modern Commercial Kitchen
• Off Road Parking
• From 18.5m² Working Area

What's Included:
• Double Deep Basin
• Handwash Basin
• Stainless Steel Surfaces/Worktops
• Commercial Canopy and extraction
• Hygiene Walls and Floors
• 3 Phase Electricity
• Mains Gas Supply

Additionally Included:
• Toilets
• Super Fast Wifi
• Rest Room
• Waste Collection

Additional Extras:
• Storage
• Walk In Fridge/Freezer
• Catering Equipment Rental

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist you in becoming part of the online food revolution

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