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Contact Mashal


Posting for 3+ years

Math, Chemistry, Biology Online Tutor (National 5 and Highers)

Milltimber, Aberdeen


Posting for 3+ years

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Contact Mashal


3 days ago


Hi there! My name is Mashal and am currently delivering online lessons to secondary school students to prepare them for their SQA exams. I started teaching students 4 years ago, in the hopes to allow them to reach their full potential and to tackle the subjects they are studying in the most efficient way.

Offering online 1-to-1 lessons via Google Meet

National 5: £25/hr
Higher: £30/hr

To sum-up my tutoring-ethic in few words:
I am as dedicated, hardworking and motivated for my students as a teacher as I am for my own studies. I work towards ensuring that when my students finally receive their grades after all their hard-work, that during the normally dreaded results day, they feel proud of their accomplishments and satisfied with their results.

Who am I?
I am a university student currently pursuing a Biomedical Sciences degree.

In school, I studied a range of subjects including the sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Math and English at National 5 and Higher level.
I also studied Math, Biology and Chemistry at Advanced Higher level.
(Scottish qualifications - equivalent to O-levels and A-levels)

Over the years of studying for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams, I have complied all the resources that were most used and praised by teachers as well as students preparing for their exams and use them readily to prepare my students.

My teaching methods:
Before tutoring a student, I identify what qualifications they have received previously in that particular subject as well as what exam they wish to prepare for. Then I highlight the contents of the course, provide the student with resources and give online lessons via Google Meet in which I share my screen so the student can view the prepared lesson as well as a whiteboard that I use to write notes and explain/solve questions on. Throughout the lesson, the topics that we cover are revisited through homework questions that I set my students to ensure they have sufficient resources to practice themselves as well and that they can readily apply their knowledge.

Developing the ability to solve different types of questions challenging you from different angles on the same topics, is what is challenged repeatedly in SQA exams which require an efficient skill in problem solving. I help equip the student with the knowledge, practice and expertise to deal with exam-type questions after we have covered the theory (notes/topics) of the subject.

If you are interested in hiring me as your tutor:
Please get in contact with me to discuss further by providing the tutee's name, level of study and highlighting the subject(s) they want to receive tuition lessons for.
It would be even more beneficial if you can communicate the specific areas of difficulty within the course that you are wanting to cover.

Ad ID: 1481061851