Learn One of The Best Self Defence Systems With Cross Krav Maga

Haywards Heath, West Sussex
32 days ago


CROSS Krav Maga self defence training Haywards Heath is accessible to all types of people regardless of size, strength, experience and agility Male or Female.

CROSS is an acronym for Combat Ready Offensive Survival System, a well thought out balanced survival system to keep you and your loved ones safe. CKM has evolved from several self defence systems and Martial arts to ensure you are alert, aware and able to resist and fight back against predators in today's environment.

Our unique self defence system is based on the principles of Krav Maga but has been adapted to incorporate other techniques and styles of martial arts and self defence systems, which when properly applied, helps to reduce the odds between you and any potential attacker.

Our CROSS Krav Maga training is accessible to everyone, from self defence novices to experienced martial artists.

Our classes are a great way of improving your confidence and fitness, while teaching you how to defend yourself in wide variety of situations.
You do not need to be super fit to join as you can work towards your fitness as you train.

Your first trial session is FREE.
Just wear some old training/gym wear.
Bring a towel and some water.

Age: 16 - 65yrs


Haywards Heath Academy

Warden Park Primary Academy
New England Road,
Haywards Heath

Every Thursday Night
8:15PM - 9:45PM



Ad ID: 1275887195

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