Half Term Family Event

Pentwyn, Cardiff
94 days ago


Let join us for family event on this half term 24- 28th October 2016 in Christ Church Hall CF23 5QN.

Learning Chinese for Fun.

Studies show that a cognitive and academic level, children learning an additional language are more creative, confidence, better at solving complex problems and usually score higher on standardized tests. Once children know a second language, it is easier for them to understand further languages structures, which is why experts say that every new language learnt is easier than the one before.

The more languages a student speaks, the better access he or she will have to different people and resources from other countries and cultures. Additionally, it helps children to better understand other cultures, ecpressions and styles of communication. This can encourage children to appreciate how big the world is and will open their mind greatly – which is always a good thing. They will more confidence in performing their class work and daily routine.

Language is complex. Learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout and development. It’s good brain exercise that makes the brain stronger and enhance the children brain development.

Sunshine Club House will organised this morning event just to warm up children interest in leaning bilingual language through variety program like singing and art and craft. Children will have their own creative craft home by end of the day.They will also learning basic
Chinese vocabulary such as fruits, animals, family members, colors, shapes etc. in
fun interactive activities. We are encouraging children whose 1st language is not
Chinese to join this Chinese learning event. Parents and siblings under 5 are also
welcome to come in to enjoy the language learning together.

Parents £2.50 pp
Family (2 adults and 2 children) £13.00
5 – 11 years old £4.50 pp
2 – 4 years old £1.00 pp
under 2 years old free

Don't wait and ring now for further information. Booking is essential.

Call/Text : 07766 982 975 Mrs Eunice.
Sunshine Club House Ltd

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