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Posting for 10+ months

12 Year Experienced English Tutor For English Lessons | London | From GBP80/hour

Liverpool Street, London


Posting for 10+ months

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Contact Anoosha


6 days ago


Private English Tutor In City Of London And Online

Specialist Pronunciation Training / Accent Reduction Coach: Sound more like a native British English speaker! Professional coaching with an experienced (12 years) accent coach & English Teacher.



Hello there! I am Alice. If you know that your English pronunciation needs some work and you're keen to improve it, you are in the right place.

Do you want a natural Received Pronunciation (R.P) accent?
Perhaps you want to communicate more clearly?
Maybe you're tired of repeating yourself or simply want to feel more confident when speaking English?
These are all excellent reasons for starting pronunciation training.

But there are lots of other benefits too! Previous students have mentioned significant improvements in lots of areas, including:

* commanding more RESPECT in professional environments
* sounding more FLUENT overall in English
* INTEGRATING better in English speaking communities
* enjoying better RELATIONSHIPS with English-speaking colleagues/friends


I'm Alice, and I specialize in pronunciation/accent training with twelve years’ experience tutoring one-on-one around the world (Singapore, Madrid, Italy, Hong Kong, The Maldives, and many other places).

I'm also a qualified CELTA English teacher (EFL). I have used my skills and passion for pronunciation to help students from all over the world to speak more clearly and confidently.

I also have a degree in Politics with Spanish (BA HONS) and speak French and Spanish at an advanced level. I understand that mastering a new language can be really fun but also really frustrating! I am here to show you how.

It's never too late to improve your pronunciation, and you don't need a 'perfect ear for accents' to succeed; you just need the right kind of help and a commitment to your goal. In my sessions, we work hard, make it fun, and see some real progress every session.


My pronunciation training sessions involve the following elements:

1. Initial assessment of strengths and needs

2. Setting goals – together, we will establish your goals and realistic improvements with the time and resources available.

3. Listening work – We will practice 'ear training' exercises to become more familiar with common errors in your pronunciation. It is not possible to articulate a sound or word clearly if you cannot hear the difference.

4. Practical articulation work - I will help you make difficult consonant and vowel sounds by showing you where to place your tongue and other articulators. I have improved the accents of over 20 nationalities and have a detailed plan for each language according to tricky sounds you don’t have in your language. I have just created a twenty-hour British Pronunciation course using Artificial Intelligence to help you practice your British accent. From this course, I have fantastic pronunciation resources I have designed and written that my students love.

5. Rhythm and stress work - I'll help you imitate the natural 'rhythm' of English when you are speaking using fun poems, stories, or whatever resources you prefer.

6. Generalisation work - I'll help you make that transition from the classroom to the real world so that you can integrate your new pronunciation patterns into everyday speech.

With a combined following of 50,000 followers on my two accounts on Instagram, I am a popular and efficient pronunciation and English coach.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about me, my online pronunciation course, or my methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn English in City of London?

I believe in the teaching principle 'test then teach'. You need to have your weaknesses identified, and strengths acknowledged, in order to really progress. I do this in the form of an initial assessment:

- Pronunciation screening (self-recorded assessment, using materials provided)

- Full analysis of individual speech sounds and connected speech features (linking, stress, prominence and intonation)

- Detailed written report with a summary of pronunciation strengths and needs

- 30-minute consultation via videoconference to discuss, report and plan your accent goals

Is English easy to learn?

In terms of improving your English accent, Gilakjani (a famous linguist) said,
'Many (linguistic) studies have shown that adults are quite capable of achieving at least near-native pronunciation given the proper instruction.'

I wholeheartedly agree: any skill can be mastered with help from a skilled and experienced teacher. My successful track record demonstrates this skill and efficiency.

It's Time to Inbox Me Now :)

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