Victorian Porch Tiles

East London, London


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Contact Michael

20 hours ago


This tiles were originally laid in our porch in 1906. When we took them up we managed to save approx 80 %. The original area was 1.26 metres approx. 

They are in pretty good condition. You'll need to clean up the edges. The breakdown is as follows:

Terracota Rectangles : 158 pieces 155cm x 5cm

Terracota Triangles    :   68 pieces 5x 5x 7cm 

Brown Squares          :  103 pieces 5.5x 5.5cm

'Orange'Triangles      :   127 pieces   5x 5x 7cm

'Grey' Rectangles      :    27 pieces  15.5 x 2.5cm 

"Grey' Rectangles     :    30 pieces   15.5 x 4cm

There are also loads of bits of all of the above that I haven't included because they are damaged but could easily be used if you cut away the damage. You can have them for nothing 

We would like to see them go to good home in one go. We are not interested in selling bits & pieces. 

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