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Posting for 1+ years

JDM car seat neck support cushions

Rutherglen, Glasgow



Posting for 1+ years

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Vehicle information

7 hours ago


JDM neck supports for car seats.

A pair of new JDM neck supports from ‘licking cat’...I know,it doesn’t make sense to me either, from what I could find on the net it seems to be a cult/iconic thing whereby a certain breed of Japanese cat are dressed up in various garb (usually biker/bosozuku costume) and posed-I’ve added a few pictures that I found as an example....anyway, the neck supports fit at the base of your headrest to support your head if you tend to drive with your seat reclined, thereby maintaining correct geometry of your neck/head. I would guess the one with the rising sun background would be for the driver, and the other would be for the passenger. The quality is exceptional as you would expect with being made in Japan, the material is a soft leatherette with a soft cushion inside-there is a zip on the rear so it can be removed.The pad attaches with a sliding buckle.

A nice unusual piece of JDM for your Honda,Toyota,Nissan etc, and pretty rare too.

Sensible questions only please, all others won’t get a response.
These are listed elsewhere so can be removed/unavailable at any time.

Postage will be at buyers expense.
No overseas postage.

Ad ID: 1384651051

Exact specification may vary from the details on this page. Please contact the seller to reconfirm any details before purchasing. See Terms & Conditions for further information.