Car Remapping

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Vehicle Remapping

We can either come to your work or home or you can come to our fully equipped workshop.

Your car will also have a free diagnostic check before the remapping of your ECU.

Petrol Naturally Aspirated

Remapping a petrol engine ECU will produce 10 - 15% BHP depending on exact specification. The engine will also be more responsive on initial acceleration and produce more torque (up to 20%) throughout the entire rev range, giving more response on lighter throttle.

Petrol Turbo

Remapping a petrol turbo engine ECU will produce 20 - 30% BHP depending on exact specification. The engine will be significantly more responsive with immediate power relative to throttle input with no lagging at higher revs. This large increase in power & torque gives far more flexibility in all gears, reducing the need to change down unnecessarily to overtake safely and quickly.

Diesel (Turbo)

Remapping a diesel turbo engine ECU will produce 30 - 50% BHP and 60 - 75% torque depending on exact specification. Diesel engines give the most impressive power and torque gains available. Extra power is gained throughout the entire rev range and under all load conditions.

Saving you MONEY by improving your MPG

We can also offer:

DPF/FAP: Removal

EGR: Removal

Lambda/O2 sensor: Removal

Speed limiter: Enabling/Removal

RPM limiter: Raised/Lowered/Removal

fault code: Removal

VAG hotstart: Repair

Launch control: Enabling

Swirl/Intake flap: Removal

Dual maps: Sport button Tuning

Hardcut (Pop bang) RPM limiter: Enabling

MAF sensor: Removal

Start/Stop: Removal

We also offer all mechanical work as well

From only £99!

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