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The Faber Children's Treasury (Faber Children's Classics) Box Set - 10 books

Linlithgow, West Lothian £5.00
36 days ago


Excellent condition box set.
10 titles
The Iron Man - Ted Hughes
Mankind must put a stop to the dreadful destruction by the Iron Man and set a trap for him, but he cannot be kept down. Then, when a terrible monster from outer space threatens to lay waste to the planet, it is the Iron Man who finds a way to save the world.

Marianne Dreams - Catherine Storr
This powerful and eerie classic about a girl haunted by her own dreams has been made into a TV series and a feature film. Ill and bored with having to stay in bed, Marianne picks up a pencil and starts doodling - a house, a garden, a boy at the window. That night she has an extraordinary dream. She is transported into her own picture, and as she explores further she soon realises she is not alone. The boy at the window is called Mark, and his every movement is guarded by the menacing stone watchers that surround the solitary house.

The Midnight Fox - Betsy Byars
Tom would do anything not to have to stay on Aunt Millie's farm while his parents are away - he likes the city and hates climbing trees. But once there, he discovers a rare black fox with green eyes, living with her cubs in the forest. Suddenly, the summer is full of excitement. That is, until Uncle Fred decides to go after the fox - will Tom save her and her family in time?

The Iron Woman - Ted Hughes
The Iron Woman has come to take revenge on mankind. Full of the power and fantastic imagination of his book "The Iron Man", this sequel from the late Poet Laureate is a cry against the relentless pollution of the Earth's waterways through the dumping of industrial waste.

The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler - Gene Kemp
Wherever best-friends Tyke Tiler and Danny Price are, there is usually trouble – stolen money, a sheep’s skeleton, fights in class – and it’s usually trouble that Tyke has to sort out. Their last term at Cricklepit Combined School is full of the usual fun and madness, but then Tyke learns that much more is at stake. Is it possible to keep hapless Danny out of trouble? And what final surprise does Tyke have in store?

The Land of Green Ginger - Noel Langley
This much loved comic adventure story has magical characters and a gripping plot for all the family to enjoy. When Prince Abu Ali, son of Aladdin, is born his destiny has already been foretold: he is the one that has been chosen to break the spell of the mysterious land of Green Ginger. His quest brings him in contact with flying carpets, button-nosed tortoises, magic phoenix birds – and two very villainous princes.

The Children of Green Knowe - Lucy M Boston
Tolly's great-grandmother wasn't a witch, but both she and her old house, Green Knowe, were full of magic. And Green Knowe turned out not to be the lonely place Tolly had imagined it to be. But there were other children living in the house - children who had been happy there centuries before.

The Mouse and his Child - Russell Hoban
'What are we, Papa?' the toy mouse child asked his father. 'I don't know', the father answered. 'We must wait and see.' So begins the story of a tin father and son who dance under a Christmas tree until they break the ancient clockwork rules and are themselves broken. Thrown away, then rescued from a dustbin and repaired by a tramp, they set out on a dangerous quest for a family and a place of their own - the magnificent doll's house, the plush elephant and the tin seal they had once known in the toy shop.

The River at Green Knowe - Lucy M Boston
'What a lot of islands the river makes,' said Ida. 'We must go exploring and sail around them all.' And so begins a wonderful, magical summer. Ida, Oscar and Ping are staying with Ida's great-aunt at the ancient, river-encircled house of Green Knowe. They set out to chart the river in the canoe, and soon discover that it has some surprising and mysterious secrets.

The Mirror Image Ghost - Catherine Storr
Lisa is sure she has seen a ghost in her mother's bedroom mirror, but who can she tell? Her grandparents are oddly secretive about ghosts and the past, her mother seems distant since her recent marriage, and Lisa definitely can't confide in her new stepsister and stepbrother - she loathes them! As Lisa explores further she unravels some truths about her family's history and begins to look at herself and those closest to her in a new light.

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