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£1 each
365 Question and Answer Quiz book – Gyles Brandreth.
Good Housekeeping Knitting in Style – 30 exclusive designs.
Mastermind (2,700 questions and answers from the series)
A Labour of Love – The Experience of Parenthood in Britain 1900-1950 – Steve Humphries & Pamela Gordon
Annie Murphy Forbidden Fruit (the true story of my secret love for the bishop of Galway).
Christina Noble Bridge across my sorrows (biography)
Jonathan Ross – Why do I say these things?
Finding Tipperary Mary – A Memoir by Phyllis Whitsell
Iain Banks - The Quarry (literary fiction)
Benita Brown – All Our Tomorrows (Sagas)
Betty Burton Women of No Account. (a historical saga)
Caroline Carver Blood Junction (Mystery)
Tom Clancy The Teeth of the Tiger. (Thriller)
Jodi Compton Sympathy between humans (Mystery)
Peter Dickinson - One Foot in the Grave. (Mystery)
Leonore Fleischer Accidental Hero (Dustin Hoffman film)(Cozy mystery)
Gillian Flynn Dark Places. (Mystery)
Colin Forbes By Stealth (Mystery)
Christine Marion Fraser Kinvara Summer (tales of the folk of a Scottish lighthouse community)
George MacDonald Fraser Flashman and the Dragon/ The Pyrates (2 in 1 volume) (historical novel)
J F Freedman Against the Wind (Mystery)
John Fullerton The Monkey House (Mystery)
Margaret Graham Annie’s Promise. (Sagas)
Stephen Gregory The Blood of Angels (Horror)
Arthur Hailey Strong Medicine (Mystery)
Pamela Haines The Diamond Waterfall. (Historical Romance)
Rosie Harris Winnie of the Waterfront (Saga)
Steve Harris Straker's Island (Horror)
Robert A Heinlein To sail beyond the sunset (Science fiction)
Victoria Holt The Captive (Historical novel)
Val Hopkirk Relative Strangers. (literary fiction)
Meg Hutchinson Pit Bank Wench (Sagas)
Erica James Love and Devotion. (love and devotion)
Thomas Keneally A Family Madness (thriller)
Judith Kelman If I should Die (Mystery)
Judith Krantz Mistral’s Daughter (Romance)
Judith Lennox The Dark-eyed girls (general fiction)
Judith Michael Pot of Gold (Romance) x 2
Denise Mina Exile (Mystery)
Santa Montefiore Last Voyage of the Valentina (Romance)
Elizabeth Murphy Comfort me with Apples. (Saga)
Sheila O’Flanagan My Favourite Goodbye x 2 (general fiction)
Richard Osborne Basic Instinct (based on the Michael Douglas film)
Julie Parsons – Eager to please. (Mystery)
John Peters & John Nichol Tornado Down (Gulf war ordeal)
Dierdre Purcell Falling for a Dancer (literary fiction)
Ann Purser Pastures New. (general fiction)
Kathy Reichs Cross Bones (Mystery)
Ruth Rendell - Road Rage. (Mystery)
Elvi Rhodes Mixed Blessings. (Saga)
Anne Rice Memnoch the Devil. (Horror)
Harold Robbins Descent from Xanadu (Thriller)
Leah Ruth Robinson Intensive Care.(Thriller)
Kate Saunders Night shall overtake us.(Edwardian England)
Eric Segal Doctors (love story)
Gerald Seymour – Home Run (Thriller)
Robyn Sisman Just Friends (Romance)
Mary Jane Staples A girl next door/Ups and Downs. (Saga)
Jessica Stirling Prized Possessions.(Glasgow during the depression)
Reay Tannahill Return of the Stranger. (Saga)
Sam Torrance – Out of Bounds, Legendary tales from the 19th hole.
Scott Turow Pleading Guilty (Mystery)
Rosie Thomas If my father loved me (general fiction)
Tim Waterstone Lilley & Chase (literary fiction)
Marianne Wesson – A Suggestion of death. (Mystery)
Dee Williams Katie’s Kitchen. (Saga)

These books from family and friends are £1 each.

I am in Hoghton near Preston, but can post if you pay the postage.

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