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Irvine, North Ayrshire

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18 hours ago


All my textbooks from my Undergraduate psychology degree and Postgraduate Master’s degree in Health Psychology

All for £60 or can work out a price for individual books, DM me


Psychology - Schacter, Gilbert & Wenger (1st EU edition)

Anyalysing Quantitative Data - Lyons & Coyle (2nd ed)

Predicting & changing health behaviour - Conner & Norman (3rd ed)

Health Psychology - Ogden (4th ed)

Research Methods & Data Analysis for
Psychology - Wilson & MacLean (1st ed)

Health Psychology - French, Vedhara, Kaptein & Weinman (2nd ed)

Statistics, a short intro - Hand

Why People Drink - Cox

Alcohol & Health - Morgan & Ritson

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