Many of us have taken up lockdown hobbies and found new ways to make the most of our weekend and cycling has been a popular choice across the UK. With the days getting longer and spring in the air there’s never been a better time to get in the saddle!

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a pedal-powered novice, we have some hints and tips to help you feel confident that you’re buying the right bike and to help you to keep it secure when you find one:

:: Inspect the Bike
Like any used item, it’s always a good idea to inspect before buying (making sure that you follow the latest Government guidelines on social distancing). Along with looking for a quality frame and tires, check that the brakes are tight, the gears change smoothly, and that it isn’t wobbly or shaky when ridden.

:: Proof of Purchase
If possible ask to see the original receipt for the bike. If the seller has genuinely lost the paperwork they might be able to find an email from when they ordered the bike or an email receipt as some other proof of purchase. It’s also worth asking to see a few different photos of the bike. If the owner can show the bike in different locations since they bought it, as well as how it is now, that suggests that they’ve had the bike for a while.

:: Check the Frame Number
Ask the seller for the frame and/or BikeRegister ID number. Then check it against BikeRegister to find out if it has been reported as lost or stolen. We’d also recommend entering the bike frame number into a search engine to see if it crops up anywhere else.

:: Price Check
Compare the price against other listings of the same make and model. If it seems too good to be true, proceed with caution.

🔒 Keeping your Bike Secure 🔒

Once you’ve bought your bike, follow these top tips to help keep it safe:

:: Register your Bike
Once you buy the bike, register and security mark it. Include photos of its distinguishing marks with BikeRegister to help the police return it to you in the event of it going missing.

:: Invest in Locks
Best practice suggests you need two good quality locks, preferably Sold Secure Gold rated. When parked, secure the frame and both wheels to an immovable object.

:: Keep it Secure
When you park your bike in public, secure it in well-lit areas, ideally with CCTV in operation, and if you can take removable parts with you such as GPS, lights and even saddles. Take the same precautions when storing your bike - whether inside or outside your home.

And finally….don’t forget your helmet!