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BBQ burner

Edgware, London £100.00
25 days ago


This 4 Burner Gas BBQ with side burner is perfect if you want to cook food for parties or your extended family. There's a side burner for cooking smaller dishes, while a chrome plated steel wire warming rack will keep your cooked food warm. The barbecue also has a black painted lid, a fire-bowl and a control panel. Drip tray included. For a suitable cover please see our Heavy Duty Medium BBQ Cover cat number 345/0736. Comes with a folding right side table. Suitable for both propane and butane gas. Only regulator for propane gas included.
· Model number KS12012.
· Constructed from steel.
· Hose and regulator included.
· Uses propane gas only.
· Propane gas not included.
· 4 burners.
· 1 side burner.
· Flame tamer.
· Warming rack.
· Electronic ignition.
· Overall size H97, W130, D55.5cm.
· Size of cooking area 33 x 64cm.
· Weight 16.8kg.
· Self-assembly.

4 Burner Gas BBQ with side burner Assembly Instructions - Please keep for future reference 345/1663 If you need help or have damaged or missing parts, call the Customer Helpline: 08456 400800. Important - Please read this instructions fully before starting assembly Issue 1 - 26/9/12 Dimensions Width - 130cm Depth - 55.5cm Height - 97cm 1 Safety and Care Advice Important - Please read this instructions fully before starting assembly • Assembly time: approx. 45 mins. • Retain these instructions for future reference. • For outdoors use only – do not use indoors. Do not use below ground level and confined spaces. • For use with LPG bottled gas only. A regulator of 37mbar must be used for propane. • Do not use within 1m of any flammable structure or surface. • LP gas cylinders should not be placed directly underneath the barbecue. • LP gas cylinders must not be stored or used in the horizontal position. A leak would be very serious and liquid could enter the gas line. • When igniting barbecue open its hood before lighting. • Do not move the barbecue while alight. • This barbecue must not be left unattended when lit. • The hood handle can become very hot. Grip only the centre of the handle. Use of a cooking glove is advised. • Use caution when opening the hood, as hot steam inside is released upon opening. • Parts of this barbecue become very hot – care must be taken when children, elderly people, and animals are present. • Always turn off the gas bottle when the barbecue is not in use. • Never cover a barbecue until it has completely cooled. • Never use the barbecue with the side shelf in the down position. • Leak test annually, and whenever the gas bottle is removed or replaced. • Do not store flammable materials near this barbecue. • Do not use aerosols near this barbecue. • Failure to follow the manual’s instructions could result in serious injury or damage. • If you have any queries regarding these instructions, contact your local dealer. This barbecue can use only propane LPG bottled gas. Propane bottles will supply gas all year round, even on cold winter days. A spanner may be required to change gas bottles. The bottle should never be stood on the trolley base and placed directly under the barbecue. Gas bottles should never be stored or used laid on their side. Never store gas bottles indoors. YOU MUST HAVE THE PROPER REGULATOR AND BOTTLE IN ORDER FOR THE BARBECUE TO OPERATE SAFELY AND EFFICIENTLY. USE OF AN INCORRECT OR FAULTY REGULATOR IS DANGEROUS AND WILL INVALIDATE ANY WARRANTY. Please consult your local gas dealer for the most suitable gas bottles. Installation Selecting a Location This barbecue is for outdoor use only and should be placed in a well-ventilated area. Take care to ensure that it is not placed UNDER any combustible surface. The sides of the barbecue should NEVER be closer than 1 metre from any combustible surface. Keep this barbecue away from any flammable materials! Precautions Do not obstruct any ventilation openings in the barbecue body. Should you need to change the gas bottle, confirm that the barbecue is switched off, and that there are no sources of ignition (cigarettes, open flame, sparks, etc.) near before proceeding. Inspect the gas hose to ensure it is free of any twisting Gas and Regulator 2 Safety and Care Advice Operation or tension. The hose should hang freely with no bends, folds, or kinks that could obstruct free flow of gas. Apart from the connection point, no part of the hose should touch any hot barbecue parts. Always inspect the hose for cuts, cracks, or excessive wear before use. If the hose is damaged, it must be replaced with hose suitable for use with LPG and meet the national standards for the country of use. The length of the hose shall not exceed 1.5m. N.B.-The date on U.K. hose is the date of manufacture, not the expiry date. Fixing the Regulator to the Gas Bottle Confirm all barbecue control knobs are in the off position. Connect the regulator to the gas bottle according to your regulator and bottle dealer’s instructions. Leak Testing (To be performed in a well-ventilated area.) Confirm all control knobs are in the off position. Open the gas control valve on the bottle or regulator. Check for leaks by brushing a solution of ½ water and ½ soap over all gas system joints, including all valve connections, hose connections and regulator connections. NEVER USE AN OPEN FLAME to test for leaks at anytime. If bubbles form over any of the joints, there is a leak. Turn off the gas supply and retighten all joints. Repeat test. If bubbles form again, do not use the barbecue. Please contact your local dealer for assistance. Leak test your barbecue annually. Check the hose connections are tight and leak test them each time you reconnect the gas bottles.

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