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Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Cultural Care Au Pair
27 Apr 2021
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Cultural Care Au Pair

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Culture Care Au Pair is an exchange programme that offers 18-26 year olds the opportunity to work, study and travel in the USA. With the largest selection of host families across the USA, extensive training, preparation and support, Cultural Care is the top choice for many au pairs.

When you choose Cultural Care Au Pair, you’re choosing the largest and most experienced au pair network in the world. In the past 30 years we have sent more than 125,000 young people to the USA to be au pairs.

Simply put: Creating cultural exchange experiences for au pairs is our specialty. And we’re here to help you feel confident, safe and excited as you begin your journey to the USA.

1. Global Support from Cultural Care

Cultural Care strikes the right balance between providing the security of a large organisation and the personalised support that makes our participants feel cared for. We offer round-the-clock support in both the USA and in your home country, making it easy to ask questions and voice any concerns. It is our job to take a complicated process and make it simple, helping your experience as an au pair go as smoothly as possible.

2. Host Family Screening & Matching

Cultural Care has the largest pool of host families to choose from, giving you the best chance at finding your perfect match. We carefully screen our host families to ensure that you will be happy and comfortable during your time in the USA, and we customise each matching process to fit the needs of our participants.

Cultural Care is unique in that we provide each of our au pairs with a designated Au Pair Matching Specialist – an expert in the matching process whose sole job it is to support our au pairs in finding their perfect host family.

3. Au Pair Training & Preparation

Cultural Care believes that starting your au pair journey on the right path begins with proper preparation and a good introduction to the USA. That’s why we create and distribute extensive pre-departure materials to help you get ready for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We also created exclusive training programmes that will prepare you better than any other agency – at no additional cost. Examples include MyAuPairCourses (an expert-led online training course on childcare in the USA), our Get Ready Workshop (an online workshop that will prepare you for your big trip), and our Au Pair Training School

4. Official U.S. Department of State Sponsor

The only legal way to be an au pair in the USA is through a designated sponsor such as Cultural Care. Our team in the USA works closely with and strictly adheres to the U.S. Department of State’s guidelines to ensure that all programme participants are treated fairly and given a quality experience during their time abroad. We are also a member of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA), which gives us a “quality seal of approval” as an American au pair programme.

Duration / Dates

Between 1-2 years

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Cultural Care Au Pair

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