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Contact Vladimir


Posting for 1+ years

The Conservative Governments Have Provided Me With A LOT ! *

Notting Hill, London


Posting for 1+ years

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Contact Vladimir


21 days ago



In November last year, it was a quarter of a century since I arrived to live in the UK, aged 13.

It is possible that at some stage this year - 2022, I will leave the UK and relocate, after 25 or 26 years in this country. I am a 39 years old male, originally from elsewhere.
In the UK, I never owned a place of living - and this too, can be a reason why I am likely to leave. It is more of a necessity or circumstances, including those of the financial nature, than my own choice.

But actually … why ? I do not even have to leave !
Because I have been provided, by the Conservative governments, with ANOTHER place of living in London or elsewhere in this country, where I will be able to reside after I remain in the UK alone.
Not that they gave me Ownership of a flat - but they did grant me a temporary or permanent place to live - albeit limited in space.
The only trouble is …. I seem to have lost track of the address - and cannot find the flat, anywhere.
How strange. Can you imagine that ? Silly me …. But I am sure I will get over it.

As this May, the Conservative governments have passed the 12 th anniversary of gaining power, after the 2010 General Election (initially ruling in a Coalition), I have to admit this …
The Conservative governments have HELPED me A LOT, and have PROVIDED ME WITH A LOT.

Yes, I can thank them (I really can, a BIT) for directing me to go to work at an UNPAID work (or training?) scheme, a number of years ago - while claiming my Jobseeker's Allowance. And true, I was offered to still receive the Allowance while at the job scheme (which was to last for SIX months?) - but ….
Compared to ALL the help with my HOUSING, given to me by the Conservative governments, that help I mentioned, it is just a small thing.

(By the way, I then did NOT go to that work scheme and, instead, VOLUNTARILY signed OFF my Jobseeker's Allowance …. I really did).

It were those Conservative governments that made it realistically possible - for the local authorities - NOT to DECLINE my Housing Register application, in 2015.

And my wish to have a FREE social housing in London, or at least in another part of England, has been granted.

I do not even know what I would do, had it NOT been for all the help of an ENORMOUS MAGNITUDE, granted to me by the UK Conservative governments, over the years.

You can ask me for some other specific examples of help that I got from the Conservative governments. In all fairness, I admit (and this is for REAL) that not long ago, resulting from my application, I was given financial help (a sum of money, which is subject to tax) as someone with the self employed status, in view of the situation with the Covid virus. And - potentially, prior to that - I could also possibly be given some previous such grants (and the following grant, after the one I received), but I have not claimed those.

While that is good of its own, and morally it DOES give some credit to the Government - this ALONE, is NOT ENOUGH for me. And in my individual situation and circumstances, those few financial grants - and their amounts - will NOT make a decisive difference in my life overall, and will NOT RADICALLY change my HOUSING situation for the better, and will not allow me to stay in this country on my own.

If you ask me about any other help by the Conservative governments, in my regard, except that mentioned above, I just somehow, cannot give any further examples, or many examples anyway.
Of course, again …. it is SILLY ME - who must have lost track !

I cannot have been given much else - I was granted nearly ALL I NEEDED, by the Conservative governments.
And it is NOT just me … who was provided with a FLAT to live in.
VAST numbers of people in the UK - who wanted it - have been given COTTAGES and ESTATES, more than SUFFICIENT pensions and salaries, or rewards for their work, or general means of living - to meet their adequate needs, and wants - and beyond that.

The MAJORITY of people in the UK, have been provided with property and adequately SUFFICIENT means or standards of living - over the course of 12 years - that the Conservative governments have been in power.
And I am among them ! Just that I seem to have lost track !

* That is not the case. I am deliberately writing the reverse of the real situation.

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