The Boy I Never Spoke With

Notting Hill, London


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6 days ago


About the Author / me: I am a 38 years old white male, originally from Moscow, Russia. I have been living in London the UK since 1996.

Non fiction / a true story.

(in West London, England, aged 18 - August 2001).

Anyway, I cannot remember ever talking with that boy, so most likely I did not.

He must be aged about 34 at the moment - as I am 38.

It seems that the last occasion ever when I saw him, was in September 2001 : when the period of my British school (1997 - 2001) was already over, as was my school era in general (1990 - 2001). Apparently, that day he was walking home from school, as he usually must have done. He did not seem to have seen me though. And almost definitely, I did not try to make my presence known to him.

In all likelihood, the boy's name is Adam. This is because, while a student there, as I was once leaving the nearby area, to go home after school, so were this boy and some other boys, who must have been his fellow class pupils ; and as they were separating, to walk in opposite directions, one of those boys said to that particular boy : ' Later on, Adam. ' .

He (and his classmates) must have appeared at my school around September 1998 - most probably going to Year 7, therefore he should have been roughly 11 years of age. I was 15 then - in Year 11, and it was 1 year after I joined that school.

Those days, Adam and those boys, his fellow students, looked small, tiny ! At their young age. Adam appeared to have somewhat dark hair, and it was curly. However it was not ALWAYS curly - so in his early days at that school, his hair may actually have been straight. As months or years went by, Adam and the dudes seemed to have grown somewhat, and they were not of such a miniature size any more.

In my present perception, Adam was, in a way, what can be regarded like a 'classical' or 'boyish' boy. He had a masculine side of behavior - but he was not really 'macho'. He was energetic. And occasionally, he could even be funny. I remember seeing him one day sweeping the floor with some brush (or maybe pretending to be doing that) inside the school building ... and he must have been in a jokey or 'cheeky' or excited mood. His friends or other boys or girls may have been there - nearby, watching him do that. But I also remember observing Adam at serious moments .... For example, when him and me were in the school library, and he was sitting on the floor (alone) and reading a book. Unbeknown to him, I saw that ... and it has just occurred to me that the book he was looking through, may have been about military history, or possibly something similar.

Those random episodes are some illustrations that allow me to judge what this boy was like - but I just do not know much about him, as I had not been around him a lot. And I was not a friend of his. Or WAS I ?... And I did not even communicate with him. Or did I ?.. These questions have the potential to be interpreted (and answered) deeply, philosophically, and in various senses.

One unforgettable moment with Adam, which is special to me indeed, and which is STILL with me, was when I was in the Sixth Form, probably in Year 13, doing my A Levels in my later stages at the school - and one morning or afternoon we had what must have been a whole school Assembly. Basically, something that we regularly had at school.

In my school's Assembly (and exams) hall, with a stage, we - the Sixth Formers - were routinely placed and sat during the Assemblies, in an elevated platform (maybe like in a theatre), which was significantly above the main floor of the hall. From there, we would watch those speaking at the stage, and you could also see the area below. The younger students (which could be the Years 7, 8, 9 ?) were placed in those Assemblies to the LEFT in the main area of the hall - judging from the position of the raised platform, where the Sixth Form students were sitting.

That particular Assembly was taking place, a member or members of the school's staff were probably at the stage, addressing the school, and I was in the elevated platform, among the other students of the Sixth Form. During the event, for some reason, I must have looked or glanced DOWN - and to the LEFT, where the younger students sat ... and one of them must have looked UP - and to the RIGHT, in the direction of the Sixth Form. Or maybe he had ALREADY been looking. Whether this was in response, or a reaction to, ME looking - that I really do not know. But at some stage, it became obvious that the younger boy's gaze .... had met mine - and vice versa. It was Adam.

It is not likely that he and me, locked our eyes at each other for long - but it did last for a given moment, if not more. Like I implied earlier, Adam may have actually looked towards the platform of the Sixth Form FIRST - before I looked where the young students were sitting. But what made him do that ... and what got him interested ? I am curious. Maybe he had recognized me from before. After all, at that moment - rather than observing whoever must have been speaking at the stage - Adam had to LOOK UP .... as that was where the 16 -18 year olds (and me) were positioned.

Nowadays it still seems to me that it was I who that boy had been gazing at, in the course of that interesting exchange. The distance between Adam and me, was not so long as to not be able to roughly determine that.

Most likely, it was AFTER the encounter I have just described (and possibly soon), that Adam and me found one another at the same place - again. And there, he must have seen me indeed ! As he seemed to have a quick look in my direction, once more - and therefore knew that I was there. It was outside of the school, a bit far away actually. In the street. And I may have been sitting on a bench.

As he was standing on the pavement, or maybe walking about, Adam looked HAPPY ! And he was possibly smiling. I suppose it could be the result of him having realized that I was nearby - in which case I must have been familiar to him ! Or maybe it was only a coincidence .... Some other boy(s) - or girls - were also around, and Adam may have been chatting to them. At one stage, he asked them (or someone) a question. As part of all of that, I saw Adam emerge from a shop - or maybe he had recently come out of there. In his hands he was holding two plastic bottles of drinks that he must have purchased inside ... one drink was of RED colour, another drink was BLUE ! The reason for his choice of beverages is not very mysterious !

Isn't that typical of a young dude ? It should be !

I cannot say what was next .... Maybe Adam went away, in the direction where he was living, or possibly he went to the school - or maybe I left the location.

That was my school journey ... From starting my first school in Moscow, Russia - and being a young boy and a Soviet pupil, I was wearing a badge with Lenin's image on my school uniform ... And with schools in between ... To having completed my British school in 2001. I still live in London, and these days I tend to go near that old school of mine, and I visit the places close to it - although not too often.

I have not been in the building of this school since September 2002, aged 19.

Was there a sort of a .... CONNECTION between Adam and me ? Whatever this could mean. Some might say : 'Yes' . Chances are, that after my departure from the school, he stayed a student there for a further few years, given his age.

In all probability, I will never see this boy again in my life. Especially if I permanently move away from the UK - which may become my reality in the near future. He is an adult. Who may have a family and children of his own, and those kids could, in turn, be going to school.

But the experience that I have had with Adam, was a bright, nice, romantic ... and touching feature of my youth - and it will stay with me for years to come.

By / the Author: me (Vladimir).
Written (and edited): in September 2021 in London the UK.

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