Project opportunity for a visual/digital artist

Portobello, Edinburgh
74 days ago


Aruna is a new experimental creative form looking for a visual/digital artist based in or around Edinburgh, technically autonomous in video/photography, with an interest in outdoor visual and physical performances.

The first phase of a 2 years development is a site specific performances/creations in the Highlands, expected in September 2018. This stage is experimental and limited in finances, scale and time, with 1 week on-site work and 1 month visual creative production in October or November. The project is currently being finalized for funding purpose and the visual artist works need to be financially discussed and viable at semi-professional level.

Aruna is after a profile:
- Mature and comfortable with discussing and inputting the financial, creative and technical aspects of the visual parts of the project.
- Nature loving: the project is largely about movement in/of natural environments.
- Autonomous and independent, with simple but quality material to shoot a minimum 2 hours performances and to edit and experiment visual creative processes.
- Creatively bold, technically gifted with an experimental streak : a line of visual work could be time lapse videos but Aruna is open to many other forms and values creative freedom.

If interested to meet and discuss your place in the project, you are welcome to share a few words about yourself. Links to some creations, website or portfolio also very welcome.
All messages will be replied to.
Thank you.

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