Tutor for English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology for KS1/2/3, GCSEs, and A Levels & 11+ Exam.

Edgbaston, West Midlands

Ms J

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Ms J

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53 days ago


We also teach Geography, Computer Sci. & Business Studies Up To A Level.

We cover KS1/2/3, GCSEs, and A Levels & 11+ Exam.

25 Years of Teaching Experience, quick improvement in 2-3 months.

£20 for 2 hrs for KS1, 2 & 3
£25 for 2 hrs for GCSEs & £30 for A Level

Why your child should join our private tuition team?

• We assure the progress of your child within 2-3 months.
• Affordable tuition fees, quality teaching & excellent results.
• KS 1/2/3, tuition is charged at £20 for 2 hrs, and £25 for GCSE, and £30 for
AS/A Level students for 2 hrs.
• Tuition is delivered in small groups; Individual attention is provided.

Our results speak for themselves, pass rate for 11+ Grammar is 85%-90%. Also, 80% of our GCSE and A Level students finish with B+ or higher grades.

BMH Tutors teach children from year 3 onwards (ages 7 to 18). This corresponds to Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, GCSEs, AS & A Levels. Our teaching is focused on English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We also teach Geography, Computer Sciences & Business Studies up to A Levels.

11+ Exams:

The BMH Tutors programme consists of activities to develop attributes such as:

• English (Reading comprehension/literacy skills)
• Mathematics
• VR

In addition, emphasis is given on:

• Speed training, Practice papers & Confidence Building exercises.

We prepare students for the 11+ exams & also offer 13+ preparations. Children receive regular homework which is marked and discussed.

English tutoring:

The development of good English language skills is crucial for success at school and Higher Education. English tuition programme consists of activities to develop attributes such as:

• Reading
• Spelling
• Grammar
• Comprehension
• Vocabulary
• Writing skills


Nahima Begun

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I only started taking frequent lessons after September in that short space of time this amazing group of teachers managed to boost my grades up so well. The teachers devote their time and efforts into the students I definitely would recommend it if you’re looking for private tutoring.

Mrs P

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
The tutors are the best; I have been using them since lockdown for my son. He’s so confident in doing his work now compared to before. The tutors are also very good with the kids and always motivating them to do better. They are professional and excellent at what they do.


I didn't start too long ago but I received great regular tuition sessions and they really brought out the best in me. With their help managed to achieve a 9-9 in science and a 9/7 in English literature and language.

Sophiat Alabi

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
I have been a student at BMH tutors for over 3 years and i can honestly say that it is an incredible place to learn. The teachers here are absolutely devoted to inspiring their students and educating them not only with the information they …More

Ruhi Kaur

Every lesson is engaging and packed with knowledge, without it being overwhelming. The academy is run very professionally and it is evident that what drives all teachers is to see their students learn and grow. All the teachers I have had …More

Abdul Farook

Positive: Quality, Value
I started going to this tuition centre last year mid way through yr10. This centre enabled me to get the grades that were required for my sixth form and help boost me to success I would totally recommend and is worth the money spent

Harpreet Kaur

At the start of year 10, I was very worried about my gcse English grades so my mom advised me to join BMH tutors. Just in six months my grades and confidence improved so much, it was a blessing to be taught by the teacher here as they teach …More

Suditi Mukherjee

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
The amount of support I received throughout my time with BMH Tutors was incredible. I could clearly see I was improving and was so happy. I'm so extremely grateful for all the resources and hard work my teacher put in to teaching me. If …More

Atif Javid

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Four of my children have been studying with BMH tutors for 6 months now and the level of professionalism and friendliness is of the highest!!
I am extremely happy with the progress my children have made with BMH tutors. …More

nirvanaswamy kudlur chandrappa

My daughter received good tutoring and support to improve with good positive feedback and regular mock tests. Regular lessons were encouraging and motivating for my daughter to engage and improve through the year. Many thanks especially to …More

Taha Elahi

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
I have really improved in all my subjects, especially English (which was my weakest subject) and is all thanks to BMH Tutors. Their teaching skills are the best and personally I would say the best in the country. I really recommend coming to this extraordinary place as it will help you achieve: 9's, 8's, 7's in your GCSE's.

Hassaan Hussain

Positive: Communication, Professionalism
The teachers at this establishment are amazing. They have a thorough understanding of each subject and can pass this information along phenomenally. My child is learning more at 2x the speed. He is now at a grammar school. So thankful that I went for this tutor.

Safaa Hussain

Positive: Professionalism
The tutors are very hardworking. They have a thorough understanding of every subject and my child has understood this very well. She has been increasing test scores rapidly. She has now passed the grammar test with shockingly high results.10/10 would recommend to everyone.

Mrs C (Mrs C)

Excellent tutors! I received fantastic GCSE English tuition from this company as a child and received A, A for English language and literature. My daughter now receives GCSE tuition in maths, english and the three sciences and she is making …More

S De (Lynn)

I have seen a remarkable level of confidence in my child with a few weeks of taking the English Lessons. Finally found an English teacher in whose safe hand I can let my child build his KS3 and GCSE results. The teacher always pushes the best out in my child. Thank you BMH.

N Khan

With the help and expert tuition from BMH Tutors, both my daughters have achieved above the qualifying score for the 11+ Grammar.
Thank you to all the team. The 11+ tuition you provided was spot on, the support …More

Yasrina Begum-Khan

BMH Tutors have helped and supported both my children to achieve the best results towards their 11+ exams. My first child already attends KECHG due to receiving a very high score and now my second child has also received a very high score …More

Jai Kler

My daughter looks forward to tuition sessions with the English teacher. She plans the lessons meticulously and her teaching methods are innovative. It’s not surprising that my daughter has improved and is now ahead of the class. I had tried …More

Vicki Taylor

Both my children look forward to their lessons as the English teacher is very patient and makes the lessons fun. She gently corrects the mistakes so my daughter does not discourage. As my children's grades improved, so did their self …More

Asad Zaman

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of teaching. My daughter achieved a very high score in her 11+ Test, and has been offered and now accepted a place at her preferred Grammar School. Very supportive, helped build self …More

Shiv Kalyana

Teachers are very supportive and determined to help your child learn so they can pass their tests. In English language GCSE when I started I didn't have a clue what to do and in the space of three months for a 3 year time period I got a …More


BMH Tutors thanks to all the staffs they all know what exactly they are doing, their teaching is outstanding. My daughter has been attending since last year and I could see massive improvement in her works especially English. The teachers …More

Capn Swing

Excellent tutor. My son has improved a lot since he started going there. He has done well in his tests and has also secured a seat at the grammar school. The teachers seem to be highly motivated and experienced. Highly recommended.

Muqaddas Saeed

Thanks to BMH Tutors for helping me. I only took this tuition for only few months and it helped me a lot in my English GCSES which I passed with good grades. Also I am extremely happy with the staff. They are very polite and kind!

Suhayb Alam

I am glad I took lessons with BMH tutors, I feel as if I have really benefited from my time being taught there. BMH tutors have also pushed me to achieve a 7 in physics and a 6 in biology

Nughmana Khan

Highly recommended, excellent tuition, structured lesson plans, friendly, caring, safe and enjoyable environment, detailed weekly feedback.
My daughters are currently being tutored for the 11+ and my son for G.C.S.E's. …More


My son had been going to this tuition centre for only a couple of months and I saw improvements rapidly. His grades had gone up and he achieved his desired grades.

Riya's fun activities

I highly recommended the BMH tutor team, my son when he started maths, the school put him on foundation but he started BMH he did higher and passed in both maths and English thanks once again.

Samee 07

My two children attended here and I have seen a significant improvement in their studies, their school has also acknowledged their improvement which as a parent I am very pleased with. …More

Simran Singh

My son was very nervous and not at all confident but the Tutors helped my son to not only regain his confidence , believe in himself but also progress and move to the top sets .Thanks to the BHM team and I will recommend it 100% 🙏

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