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Qualified GRAMMAR School Teacher: Examiner, Ex-Head of the Mathematics department, 15 YEARS of School Teaching Experience!

Over 100 successful students with A-Level Maths grade A / A*.
Over 250 references for GCSE Grade 9 and A-Level Maths Grades A / A* provided for the past 10 years. The best record in the Education Industry. Period.

We are not an agency! You will be speaking to a qualified Teacher.

7th October 2020 Latest Updated curriculum covering upcoming MOCK Exam Season and October Half Term.

Coronavirus SAFE Online learning, FULL Timetable given, Learn the syllabus, Get the mock exams done, get certified!

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Benefits and features:

1) Learn from the comfort of your own homes (online). No need of visiting the venue. Fully compliant with government guidelines.

2) We are all Qualified school teachers with at least ten years of school teaching experience each.

3) Keeps students engaged, inspired and motivated in these challenging times and looks after their mental health

4) Learning notes made available after lesson Homework is given, Assessments test done, marking grading and progress reports available during the learning cycle.

5) Stay ahead of the school curriculum, Do not fall behind

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Fully qualified Grammar School Maths teacher with over 15 years experience, Examiner, Degree in Mathematics (2:1), Clean DBS and over 250 students with excellent track records in the past 15 years and counting: (I am a seasoned veteran and not an agency or a fresh college graduate).

BEST Maths Tutor for 2020-21-22.

30th August 2020 Results Latest update:
University placements of my current Year 13 (A-Level) students:
1) AM A* in Maths year 13 (secured place to study Medicine at Cambridge)
2) Four other A-Level students have been offered medicine at Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds respectively.
3) KK (A* / Economics at London School of Economics LSE),
4) TP A/A* (Offered Law at Durham and Warwick)
5)10 other students are going to Russell group universities of their choice doing engineering, accounting, computer science, finance and economics.
For the latest August 2019 Testimonials from students: References gladly provided for any of the above students along with a disclosure of their credentials: You are welcome to speak to any of them before you make up your mind to book my services.

Tanya Patel (Achieved Grade A in A-Level Maths: was working at a grade C!) says:

Kamal has been my A-Level Maths tutor for the past two years, and after my experience with him, I can only sing his praises. I came to him desperately trying to turn around a D grade in Maths and came out with an A grade in the end. I found the subject to be an uphill battle and immensely struggled with modules like C4 and C3, but I ended up scoring high in those with his help (87 and 80 UMS respectively). I have found him to be very supportive, not just in helping me with Maths but also in getting to the core of the habits and study techniques holding me back so we can alter them. He helped me to timetable my work, and we set targets together to ensure everything would be completed on time, giving me a massive boost of confidence for my exams. He put in extra time nearing my exams, and I was always given clear guidance as to what I needed to get done at home. He is still willing to go the extra mile to ensure his students’ success. He is thorough, attentive to detail and has niche knowledge of the syllabus and exams, which allowed me to access a high grade. Despite Maths having been my weakest subject, I am pleased to say that I achieved the grade I needed to study Law at Durham University this coming September. I think that without Kamal’s help, it would have been quite a different story. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a tutor!

From Tracey (5/5): (A-Level Maths) My daughter is currently studying the new A-level maths syllabus and has found certain aspects of some of the units quite challenging when in class at school. I took my daughter for an assessment last week, and at the end of the lesson, Kamal had completely identified where she needed additional help and created a teaching plan to cover all aspects of the syllabus to be covered prior to her pending mock exams and a structure that will continue through to her A-level exams next year. My daughter had her first lesson this week on an area of maths that she has been struggling with and by the end of the teaching and after detailed explanation and guidance from Kamal is now fully confident in this area of the syllabus. When I asked my daughter how the experience went, she replied Kamal is a brilliant teacher, and I am so glad we have found him.

GCSE Results update, 23rd August 2019:
10 out of 15 students achieved grade 9 at GCSE / IGCSE. (2 of which GCSE grade 9 in year 10). Remaining 5 reached level 8.
My Methods: A defacto standard achieved after years of implementation and modification.

Teaching Pedagogy: The vast majority of One-2-One tutors simply ‘turn-up-and-teach’ without adequate preparation. Maths is mostly about ‘understanding’, and less about ‘throw up facts’. A tutor gets ONE CHANCE to impart ‘understanding’ in a clear and coherent way. Not having prepared and risking an incomplete, confused or incoherent explanation instils confusion in the student, rather than confidence.

• Regular feedback and homework: Most tutors either set no task at all or thoughtlessly set exercises from a textbook containing inappropriate questions. My assignment is specifically written to complement the lesson, containing some items designed for routine practice and some questions designed to challenge the student; encouraging them to ‘think’ and to develop their logical capacity.

• Exam Practice: I give students plenty of past paper practise – but only at the right time, once they have a deep understanding of all of the individual topics within the syllabus. Far too many tutors use exam papers to ‘teach’ from, which means they are setting papers when the student isn’t ready: The upshot of that is the student’s scores fluctuate wildly, and their confidence is destroyed.

The lessons are invigorating, inspirational and cutting edge as I keep a large hold on my subject.
GCSE / A-Level Maths Tuition. Grammar School teacher.

Get your A/A* or Grade 8/9 with Ease. Book the Expert now and see how easy it is to achieve these grades.

I am a specialist in Exam Techniques, Intensive Revision, Crash Courses, Exam Retakes.

One to One and Small Groups (from £25 per hour)

An outstanding Grammar High school Maths teacher, I teach Maths up to A -level (New Curriculum), GCSE (New 9-1) Maths, IB, IGCSE and Maths entrance exams.

I have a full and clean enhanced CRB (DBS) and comply with all the data protection and safeguarding rules as described by the general teaching council of England.

I am taking bookings for exams in May-June 2020. Latest Papers and exam techniques taught for success at May 2020 exams. Please give a call to discuss how I can boost grades with a guarantee. Hurry UP. Limited places only!

So far, I have tutored over 150 students on a 1-1 basis in the past seven years alone. This is around 6000 hours of tutoring (40 weeks for each student a year X 150 students = 6000 hours)!

Moreover, I work as a Grammar school teacher, and I am required to deliver outstanding lessons following the OFSTED Framework. Hence I have an accurate and in-depth knowledge of the most recent syllabus changes and the exam boards.

That, combined with my daily touch of reliable Maths, puts myself in a commanding position to very quickly and thoroughly assess the educational needs of your child.
I use this assessment to then build upon their strengths. My lessons are Laser sharp and objective-oriented, wherein I intend to achieve a distinct and defined objective at the end of every experience.

With this immense experience, I have developed an approach which is very user-friendly and designed for the individual student. I make the lessons fun and engaging. I try to promote interest in the subject, so learning Maths becomes fun and an ongoing natural process. Students take this into the school environment and start seeing the results immediately. This reduces the burden from Maths, and hence my students can focus on other subjects and achieve well holistically. (It’s not about getting an A* just in Maths. I know that!!)

I am very confident that my charges are excellent value for money because I have delivered outstanding results for my students. Please do not take my word for it. I have many satisfied parents whom you can contact before contracting my services. My past students and their parents have often said that they cannot thank me enough for how much I have changed their career possibilities with those A/A* grades in Maths.

In short, I am the Maths A* Specialist.

Please get in touch soon to book your place for Exams in 2020 and beyond.

CALL (Mr Kamal Patel)


Send a text message and get a call back in return with a free 15-minute consultation.


Visit my website (ALevelMathsTutorHarrow dot co do uk) mentioned in the advert to book your session.

Group of 4 Qualified teachers specialising in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology offering Home Online Schooling (we are not an agency so when you call you will be speaking to a teacher directly)

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