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Posting for 2+ years

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34 days ago


⏩ Hi, I'm Rami. Although almost all new students I tutor originate directly from referrals or my site, I'm willing to teach new students 🙂⏪

I'm a well-renowned maths tutor, with over 30 unanimous 5-star reviews on online tutor sites ✅ AVAILABLE FOR TUITION FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE SEPTEMBER 2019 ⏩ OFFERING EXPERT ONLINE TUITION. FREE TASTER SESSION OFFERED TO ONLINE STUDENTS ⏪

During the 2014/2015 academic year, I received the following enquiry:


Hi Rami,
Thanks for contacting me. I’m looking for someone who can do some intensive tutoring in mechanics 1 over a 9 day period which includes weekends. The dates would be 23 to 31st May. We are looking at a crash course in all of M1. Is this something that you can do?

Kind regards,"

As you can see, this enquiry was sent on 17th of May and the exam was on the 3rd of June!

This was an huge, but exciting challenge for a young tutor in their FIRST YEAR of tutoring full-time: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Despite the student having minimal prior knowledge of the course, this was the feedback that I received (via another profile):

"Date: 24/12/2015
Rating: 5/5 Rating
Report: Rami did some intensive revision with my son in mechanics. My son went from a u grade to an a grade thanks to Rami`s tutoring. Rami puts the student very much at ease and is extremely thorough about making certain that the student understands the work before moving on. I would highly recommend Rami to any student I only wish I had found him sooner. Lovely guy."


It was at this moment that I realised I had a real knack for tutoring.


I currently teach mathematics to students of one of the world's leading professional football clubs.

Six years of full-time experience in tutoring A-Level, GCSE and KS3 students.

Tutored part-time between August 2010-February 2011 and March 2012-June 2013.

I have taught mathematics classes for one of the world's leading educational institutions to a group of students from Switzerland.


- Previous experience in the actuarial field
- Graduated from The University of Warwick, Mathematics, 2:1 (BSc Hons)
- Achieved the maximum four A grades at A-Level (before introduction of A* grades)
- Full marks in C1, C2, C3 and C4 in A-Level Mathematics (under the old specification)


In your enquiry, please state all available slots between 9am-9pm Monday-Sunday.


- no fixed term contract/commitment
- pro-rata online service for students who wish to contact me
- DBS checked (February 2018)
- in-depth feedback forms for parents/guardians are provided roughly every 6 weeks.
- tailored homeworks set based on what students' weaknesses are, what they have covered in class and their current schedule.


- very understanding of individual student abilities and circumstances
- transparent communication between me and tutees
- I am easy to relate to, friendly, patient and professional


✅ A-Level Mathematics: all exam boards
✅ GCSE and iGCSE Mathematics: all exam boards
✅ Key Stage 3 Mathematics
✅ A-Level Statistics: Edexcel exam board
✅ GCSE Statistics: Edexcel exam board
✅ A-Level Further Mathematics: Edexcel exam board - Core Pure 1, Core Pure 2, Decision 1, Further Mechanics 1 and Further Statistics 1
✅ GCSE Further Mathematics: AQA exam board
✅ Additional Mathematics (Free Standing Maths Qualification): OCR exam board


If you are looking for other tutors, then I am happy to help to find the right tutor for you!

Since there are literally hundreds of tutors to choose from, it can be difficult to actually know what constitutes a top quality tutor; especially if you haven`t used one before.

Below, I have provided some criteria that you want to consider. I will also indicate what I provide so you have a useful comparison. You can then mould your questions that you might want to ask tutors based on what is discussed below.

As an example, for A-Level Mathematics, you will want a tutor who:

1. provides plenty of new specification papers (I have around 100 new specification A-Level papers available. Having access to new specification papers is very very important since the old specification papers are not as useful)

2. provides plenty of free resources (for A-Level Mathematics, I provide around 4GB of free resources, that I have spent spent literally thousands of hours producing an organising)

3. ideally has a mathematics degree at undergraduate level from one of the world's top universities, since this provides evidence that the tutor has attained strong GCSE and A-Level success themselves (I completed my undergraduate mathematics degree at The University of Warwick)

4. has advanced methods of tracking progress and methodical lesson structuring (tracking progress is VERY VERY important to ensure that students don’t forget concepts: I personally use colour-coded spreadsheets applying the well known revision technique: "spaced repetition", feel free to search for more details regarding this technique!)

5. really wants students to become independent learners (I have gone as far as providing students with all the best channels to narrow down their searches and teaching the techniques about how to self-study)

There are of course, more criteria, but feel free to message if you would like further assistance finding the right tutor!

I know it can be difficult to find the right tutor: I would say that around 80% of the students I have tutored have used the services of an average of two tutors before they have used my services permanently.

Although students who have sampled the service of another tutor are almost always very complimentary about the other tutor: time and time again, the students continue to prefer my service rather than the other tutors'.

Last year, one of my students tried the services of six tutors and almost dropped A-Level Mathematics, before she used my services permanently!

Therefore, I believe that I have a strong understanding about what makes a top quality tutor because of the information fed to me from other students.

I hope that these criteria help you find the best tutor for you!

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