Stanmore, London (Greater)
£750 per week
15 Feb 2018
16 Apr 2018
Full Time

Contact Details

SALARY: £750 per week worked

SUMMARY: Laid back placement, with lots of free time, with comfortable, happy and positive atmosphere, working for a guy that only needs sporadic help and is happy to provide references from previous PAs.

MORE DETAIL: Designer/writer/artist living in North West London. Wheelchair user. An idea of my routine; pretty stress-free in the morning, unless I need to go out. I need help to get dressed, get out of bed, and then get comfortable. We usually make a coffee, and if the weather is nice, I sit in the garden and drink it (need help to eat and drink). Then I need to get settled and comfortable at the computer, where I start work. I really don't mind what you do at that point. Some people study, listen to music, surf the web (I have very fast Internet connection), watch TV (I have Netflix), eat... It really doesn't matter, as long as you are around if I need something. Sometimes we need some shopping, so we would make a list and you would go. Other times, I fancy going to the cinema, so I would take a few hours off work and either go with you, or meet a friend. In either case, you would drive my adapted car (Fiat Doblo, manual). I also have a football season ticket and like to go to games. If I'm meeting friends, often I won't need you, so you will be free until I need you to pick me up.

Lunchtime is usually really easy, sandwich probably. If I am working at my computer, then most of the afternoon is free for you to do whatever you want. I don't even mind (if everything is settled) if you go for walk for an hour or so. If I'm not going out, in the evening, after I finish work, I like to have a soak in the bath, and then prepare a meal (I really like cooking). Then maybe a movie on TV and bed, where sometimes I just continue watching something until I fall asleep. I have sleep apnoea, so I need to use a mask to sleep properly. It's very easy to fit, and this means usually I sleep all the way through. Normally, my hours are; sleep at 12.30/ 1am and wake at 8.15... Usually you will have lots of time on your own during the day to rest if you need to.

I expect the house to be kept pretty clean and tidy, especially the kitchen and bathroom, and for you to respect my home, my friends and family.

That's it :-) it's usually pretty easy-going, and I most often get along with laid-back people, who have a positive attitude. Helps if you are interested in films or the arts, but maturity, flexibility and resourcefulness are essential, as well as current (manual) driving licence, and details of DBS check. If you are registered as self-employed I can pay you directly, otherwise you will be paid through an agency as PAYE. 

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