secretarial PA typing composing letter Research legal cases Marketing initiatives friendly applicant

Samari (Mr)
Ealing Broadway 2 min EB underground
Special Arrangement skill capability
03 Feb 2018
04 Apr 2018
Contract Type
Part Time

Contact Details
  • Varied Duties
  • Marketing 
  • Law 

 Office and secretarial duties  - Typing  correcting and cutting and pasting 

All Nationalities welcome

Filing Hole punch  cross reference,


 Marketing and other admin duties 

 composing letter from key words or improve and edit

interest in Law is a bonus - 

computer knowledge Word excel Photoshop 

 Either you are a well educated in English Grammer and Language- composing moving letters or your English is rather basic 

 Other languages can be an advantage 

 working from bullet points to write to companies 

 Researcher needed 

Areas of interest in our group/ family

 Fashion - Lace wear - 

Doll House Museum-  charity and Lady's Creative Centre - Raise fund and receive £200- £1000

Fundraising - form filling -  International Creative Day event. Assist 

Legal Office Litigant's friend- Housing Law Section 21, Divorce, Contract & other areas of Law

Hospitality & Hotel- 

Overseas students wishing to improve skills in office admin

Internship or well paid for the right candidate - contact now 

Do you know someone who loves the area of Law, introduce 

Part-time, freelance and special arrangement - urgently needed

e mail CV info covering letter, and if you have link/ photo advise as well

Special Bonus  payable 


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