Trustee Wanted For Upcoming Young Adult Charity

26 Jan 2018
24 Mar 2018
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Part Time
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Trustee wanted for upcoming charity dedicated to young adults with complex health needs. 

Lucy Watts MBE, a local Thundersley woman, is in the process of setting up a charity for young adults with complex health needs and is seeking applications for the role of Trustee of the charity. The ideal candidate will be dedicated, hardworking, punctual, open to getting stuck into the charity and its work where needed including speaking at events and in the media, will be committed to the vision and aims of the charity (explained further down) and preferably have a business or financial background or have experience of charity governance. The candidate must be interested in helping to improve the lives of young adults with some of the most complex needs, to enable the charity to give them a voice and improve the care and support to ensure they live rich, fulfilling and enjoyable lives. The role will consist of a yearly AGM at an agreed destination, a minimum of 4 Skype meetings per year for charity governance as well as additional Skype meetings and email contact in between these meetings to discuss the work, projects and ensure we’re all in agreement. The role is unpaid, as are most Trusteeships, but in order to attend the AGM, expenses will be covered. We would expect the Trustee to get involved in our work such as attending events, doing some fundraising or supporting us at existing events, to speak or present for us where needed, to spread the word in any way they can and to identify opportunities for the charity to gain additional funding and support. You must be a highly motivated individual with a real passion for making a difference. 

The charity:
It is an up-and-coming charity, still in the development process and hoping to proceed towards registration once the Trustee base has been fulfilled with a broad mix of people with the right skills. The charity will work for young adults, 14-35 with complex health needs, will be a national charity, which will be the voice for this hidden generation who have some of the most severe and complex needs, of which a number of them weren’t expected to reach adulthood in the first place. We will work to directly support these young adults, their parents, families and carers in a range of ways; we will become their voice on a national stage and advocate for their unique needs; we will campaign for them generally and on specific issues affecting them, lobby on their behalf; as well as to work with professionals, services, organisations to improve care and support and to also run training, workshops and events, to conduct projects and pilots, to research this group of young adults and to collaborate with existing organisations and draw them all together towards common goals. A mostly user-led charity, a third of the Trustees are young adults, another third are parents and the other third are professionals of a range of backgrounds, and it is a professional we are seeking to complete the Trustee Board. 


  • Business or finance background and/or charity governance experience
  • A dynamic person who is happy to ‘get stuck in’
  • Happy to speak for and represent the charity at events and meetings
  • Prepared to help with some administration where necessary
  • Able to help with the charity’s business plan and its strategy 
  • Able to help write applications for grants and help with the financial planning for charity projects and bodies of work
  • Prepared to assist with fundraising, including organising events or taking on challenges where possible
  • Able to bring their own unique skills and contribute a lot to the charity
  • Perhaps has had a career and a lot of life experience
  • Personal experience of illness or disability is a bonus, be that as a relative, a carer or affected yourself, or experience through your career - but this is not compulsory

We welcome applications from all backgrounds. Applicants must live in Thundersley (Benfleet) or the surrounding areas (Hadleigh, Rochford, Rayleigh, Southend, Basildon, Brentwood etc.), or if not, at least must be Essex based and be prepared to travel to Thundersley (Benfleet) on a regular basis. 

To apply, email me with the following questions answered and your CV. 

Your name, age and contact details (email, telephone)?

What is your background and work history?

What qualifications do you hold and in what areas?

What are your interests and hobbies?

What causes, issues or topics are you passionate about?

What skills do you possess that you feel would benefit you in this role and thus would benefit the charity?

Do you undertake or have you previously undertaken any volunteering? If so, what did you do and for whom did you do it? 

Do you have any personal experience of disability or long term illness? That may be yourself, as a carer of a loved one, as a relative of someone with a disability or long term illness or have you experience of disability in your career?

Why would you like to apply for this role?

What interested you about it?

What do you feel as an individual that you could bring to the role and the charity? Not just skills as mentioned previously but personal qualities, interests, experiences or values? 

In what ways can you contribute to the charity within your role on the Trustee Board? List the ones that apply to you out of the following list. 

  • Administration
  • Governance 
  • Business acumen
  • Finance, accounting and budgeting for projects    
  • Strategic planning
  • Third/voluntary sector experience    
  • Human Resources
  • Policy    
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Event management     
  • Digital and IT skills
  • Legal
  • Organisational development, change management
  • Monitoring, evaluation and audit

What other skills can you bring to the charity? List the ones that apply to you out of the following list. 

  • Fundraising
  • Speaking
  • Nominating the charity for, or securing, grants and funding
  • Connections to potential Patrons and Ambassadors for the charity
  • Connections with businesses and corporations who may be able to sponsor and support the charity
  • Design skills
  • Campaigning 
  • Supporting volunteers
  • Research
  • Knowledge of disability laws, healthcare, the NHS, social care, education, SEND and the benefits system

Anything else you feel you could contribute?


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