Work from Home Income Opportunity

North London, Middlesex & Hertfordshire
Based on results. No upper limit. Car plan and travel incentives.
30 Nov 2017
29 Jan 2018
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Part Time

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We are providing a fantastic opportunity for those with an interest in sport & fitness, to earn extra or replacement income, working from home around your existing commitments, alongside a company which has awards for its training!

We work from a base which has had year on year growth in over 39 years of business, with a local, national & international presence!

We are looking for people interested in sport & fitness aged 18 plus, who are looking to create a second, primary or replacement income stream, in the expanding health and nutrition marketplace, working from home on a part-time and flexible basis, around existing commitments.

Our categories include; Weight Management, Nutritional Supplements, Sports & Mobility, Personal Care, Skincare & Beauty, Animal Care.  All of our products are centred on a natural base, with several relevant products suitable and certified for sporting professionals!

Our range of associates include students, mums, manual workers, health professionals, office workers, bankers, traditional business-owners…the list goes on!

Please note, this is not a job but an invitation to a business type opportunity, however without the usual hassles of a traditional business. You will need some products and literature to help you start your journey, the same as for any business. However, it is a low cost, low risk environment and we encourage you to talk to us to find out what we do and how we could help you maintain, enhance, or change your lifestyle.

Our promise to you is to be there to support you. Although you would be working independently, you would also be part of a friendly and supportive close working network.

Ask yourself;

Do you want to still be doing the same thing a year or two from now?

Are you unhappy at work?

Do you have debts, with no obvious way to overcome them?

Do you have no time to spend with the family?

Do you require just a bit extra per month to make a difference to your life?

Do you require more, either to help maintain a lifestyle you are accustomed to, or to create one you would like to have?

Do you want fun in your work?

Do you want to mix with happy, positive, vibrant people?

Perhaps you need a new challenge?

A new car perhaps?

Are you looking to travel?

Something else?

Whatever you require and are willing to work towards, we can help you.

You don’t require any particular recognised qualifications but you do require a learning attitude, people skills and be willing to help others. Training and support around your willingness to learn and develop, come as standard with this award-winning company.

If you are honest, ethical and hardworking and think this might be for you, please contact us to find out more about who we are, what we do, how we work and what we can do for you.

We look forward to hearing from you to help you build a better, brighter future.

Pick up the phone and call Gerard on 07870 678 952 or Jennifer on 07779 093 517 for a no obligation chat.

Kind regards

Gerard Keane

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