Great Value Personal Trainer

W9 1PG, City of Westminster
15 Aug 2017
14 Nov 2017
For males and females. Prices are at the bottom of the description.

Hello my name is Joseph Walsh-Norman, founder of Tunnel Vision Fitness UK, I am a personal trainer at Energise Fit4Less Kilburn. I specialise in weight loss, toning, muscle building, sports performance training and body conditioning.

What I can provide for you is professional standard quality personal training sessions (for less than half the price of your average pt session in London which is £50) working towards helping you achieve your fitness goal. My training style can vary due to the individuality of each client however, I best describe my training style as outgoing yet focused and motivated on achieving the current task in the best way possible.

If you're not quite interested in personal training but would like to have a better idea of how to train according to your goal, I can provide a personalised workout program to help you do so. This is done by having a general conversation about fitness goals, current activity etc which allows me to get a better feel for what works for you and what you will enjoy doing. All workout programs are sent via email and payment is made through PayPal.


10 session package payment £220 (£22 per session)
5 session package payment £135 (£27 per session)
1 session £30
Personalised Home Workout Program £10
Personalised Gym Workout Program £20

Also check out my Instagram as you may find some information on there useful. Instagram: @josephwn_pt

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