Calling all Kindness Warriors! Help us create a kinder local and global community...

CB2 3QF, Cambridge
04 Aug 2017
14 Nov 2017
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Imagine community living with sufficiency, needless for ego or craving, a life of well-being and kindness, a community in a beautiful tranquil setting destined to impact life and planet with purposeful living. An inclusive ego-free community created and designed to make a sustainable difference, a just life for all,
not a dream! The first KindaVillage starts in October 2017 on an 80 acre site in South Wales. We are now seeking like minded people to form the pioneering team to bring this to fruition. Check out www kindavillage org

We are looking for residents, partners and volunteers with motivation, skills and experience to share and enjoy this creation. Builders, domestics, carers, project managers, land-workers, technologists, business developers, etc, etc but most of all enthusiasts of kindness

What is the Missing Kind? The Missing Kind is a UK registered charity, although only registered in 2014, in the making for over a decade, busy securing its foundation and purpose. The Missing Kind seeks to inspire kindness into society through community activity and social enterprise, seeking also to restore the instinctive kindness within us all.

A key objective of the charity is to support Kindness Warriors, those gifted individuals who unconditionally dedicate their lives to a social cause, supporting them with respite, community and sustainable purposeful employment opportunity

What is KindaVillage?.... The KindaVillage is the flagship project of The Missing Kind, our first sustainable and active kindness community. A sharing community living together with well-being as its fuel and with the purpose of delivering the values of the Missing Kind. People of all ages dedicated to make a global social impact to this planet and inspire a just life for all life.

Each Kindavillage yes this is only the first, will contain residential co-housing, eco-farming, a social enterprise business hub, community action groups for animal rescue, democratic schooling, elder care, eco building, and general social care in the wider community

What inspired KindaVillage?....KindaVillage was inspired by being witness to the loss of a humble and less selfish life into one of capitalism, the climbing of the proverbial ladder only to discover kind time became less and the craving for status and wealth infectiously becoming more. From this experience transpires a will to restore more kindness and community values.

Whats Happening now? .....The land is just about secured for the first KindaVillage and the search is on for pioneers and partners to manage the creation. To forward plan, to administer, to maintain and to create. This is our pioneering stage, a challenging transition for many who have read this far. This is not a dream but based on a simple formula of dedication, where the currency is not the £ but kindness.

How can people get involved?.... There are many opportunities to help the creation of the kindaVillage network, as volunteers working locally or remotely, partners who have a social project and require a support network, residents of all ages who wish to join the community in some capacity. With our commercial model there is no financial input required in this egalitarian economy, we don't ask for you to share your wealth only to leave it behind.

However, we do seek commercial donors to expand this model globally, putting their name to a whole new village may be or an operational a
spect of it.
This is a genuine opportunity to pioneer a change in lifestyle for self and generations to come. If interested, then please stay interested, watch us grow and join in whenever you can. If you're passionate when you read this, a dream for you may be, 'make the change' and fill in an application.

Our religion?....we put our faith in kindness!

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