Write entertaining scripts for short business biographies

NW1 3DE, Camden
30 Jun 2017
14 Nov 2017
Contract Type
May suit business or economics student, must be based in London, Full-time or Part time available, can be office based or work remotely. Can be paid per script or per hour. You must understand business and have an interest in entrepreneurism

Write entertaining and accurate scripts for a number of 2-3 minute business biography videos, we will add footage and your script will be read/narrated by someone else. We will make 50-100 of these scripts/videos in total, each one about a different high-profile entrepreneur.

We would like you to source & research information online about our selected person then write a 2 to 3 minute story about their journey to the top, we want to focus on what companies they replicated or what mentors helped them and how their money was generated. Using the content you create our editor will source suitable footage and we will turn this story into a short exciting video biography of how they made it. The emphasis is on what company or person did they learn from/copy to get their knowledge/experience/idea and how that imitation was key to their progress. The videos will be used for educational purposes and will be available online for free.

This is an ongoing role, we aim to make many of these videos, initially I understand that these first few video scripts will be time-consuming so we can pay more to begin with, once you have our template /routine in place I believe you will be able to speed the process up and bring costs/time down. I would like to pay a set fee per script completed, perhaps with an additional bonus for particularly good scripts

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