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About Gaucho Restaurant Group

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Welcome to Gaucho!    

Gaucho restaurants offer the true taste of Argentina, we serve quality beef from the Pampas of Argentina offering events, masterclasses and table bookings within a truly glamorous setting. We are an innovative, forward-thinking global leader of hospitality, expanding fast and currently have 750 employees across 17 restaurants. Our talents and experience are diverse, but at Gaucho we’re united by one thing: an overarching passion for Argentine food, wine and hospitality.

Gaucho is one of the most highly regarded restaurant groups in the UK. We are known for our extraordinary Argentine beef complemented by the largest Argentine wine list outside Argentina.

From the restaurants we design, the menus we create, the hospitality we offer our guests through to how we treat each other every day our brand ensures we remain rooted in our very own unique culture whilst challenging our boundaries of innovation with absolute confidence.

Combining fresh talent with experienced professionals we achieve our vision of true excellence – in our food, our service and our people.

We are famous throughout the industry for our training and our people’s passion ensures that all guests have a memorable experience at Gaucho and always leave taking a little slice of Argentina with them.

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