Boston Tea Party Group LTD

About Boston Tea Party Group LTD

Our purpose as a business is to Make Things Better, our spaces, our food & drink, but most importantly – our people and the communities in which we serve.

Since forever, the British café has been an iconic institution, a place to celebrate individuality, innovation, community and participation. However, over the last few decades, they have been under attack by the chain invasions threatening the British high street with a deluge of boring corporate soullessness.

Each of our cafes is designed to be a one-off, a cherished local. We want to remain a café to be discovered, recommended and returned to. We do this not only by ensuring no two cafes look or feel the same but by ensuring they have unique personalities, driven by our people. This is a place where you’re accepted for who you are.

Classically British (despite the name) we’re on a mission to serve simply and well-prepared food and drinks made with great ingredients, skill and love. Ethically sourced, affordable, feel-good, great value, healthy and excellent quality – made onsite every day.

As we grow we are determined to get better (we call this scale vs soul) refusing to accept that you have
to compromise our values, the stuff that really matters to us, as we expand.

All of this we do because we want to be the epic soulful café chain we think the world needs.

The British cafe scene is a fast growing and dynamic market. Not only are we determined to be the best around, we are equally determined to be the best employer, providing careers that build confidence to all our people to be the best they can be, whilst also being accepted for who they are. Our cafes are brilliant places to be in. We deliver phenomenal coffee and teas and incredible ethically sourced food, but what really makes us ‘us’, is our people.

Our values and manifesto are more than just words, we live, breathe and let them guide us every day. You can read all about them in our Brand Deck below, whilst we hope you share them, it’s cool if you don’t, but we’re probably not the place for you.

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