Packaging Items

If you're sending items to a buyer using a delivery service, you'll want to package them as securely as possible. After all, we all want the great bargains we find on Gumtree to reach their destination safe and sound.

Packaging Items

These useful tips will help you protect your items and get your parcel ready to be transported. Packaging for delivery couldn’t be simpler!

Preparing to package your items

  • It’s a great idea to clean items before packaging them, if possible. Clothes can be laundered according to the care labels, while other types of items can be wiped down with an appropriate cleaning solution.
  • A sturdy cardboard box is the best choice for protecting your items as they travel to your buyer. For items that are less fragile such as books or clothing, a bubble envelope or mailing bag is a good option.
  • If your box or mailing bag has previously been used, it’s important to remove or cover the old labels.

Packing and sealing your parcel

  • To prevent breakages, you can wrap your item with bubble wrap or fill gaps in the box with packing peanuts or scrunched up newspaper.
  • Consider wrapping individual items separately to prevent accidents on your parcel’s journey.
  • Placing a copy of the label inside the parcel is a good idea in case the outside label comes loose in transit.
  • Remember to seal your parcel really well with parcel tape.

Before you send your parcel

  • Don’t forget to attach the label securely in a place that’s easily visible.
  • Consider adding a mark to the parcel, such as a big dot in coloured marker or some brightly coloured tape. This helps it stand out and makes it easy to identify.
  • It’s a great idea to take a photo of your parcel before it leaves. This way you’ll have an image for your records.

Once your items have been collected or you’ve dropped them off, it’s helpful to send a copy of the confirmation to the buyer as proof of postage.

Now you have your packaging for delivery sorted, why not read our tips on other delivery options.