Reporting Animal Welfare Issues and Concerns

At Gumtree, we take our responsibilities towards animal safety and reporting animal welfare issues very seriously.

Reporting Animal Welfare Issues and Concerns
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We work hard to ensure we prioritise animal safety and uphold UK laws by having a strict set of guidelines. To ensure animal welfare, all our adverts for the rehoming of animals meet the standards outlined by PAAG. This is the Pet Advertising Advisory Group. Additionally, we charge a fee for rehoming animals to dissuade unscrupulous users. We’re committed to helping pets find a loving new forever home in a way that’s safe for the animal, and all who care for them.

If you are from a governing body or council you can report an animal welfare concern directly to our Law Enforcement Liaison Officer. Please complete our listings removal form and emailing it to

We will always resolve animal welfare issues quickly and responsibly. We work closely with multiple animal welfare groups including the Pet Advertising Advisory Group and the RSPCA (the SSPCA in Scotland and USPCA in Northern Ireland) to ensure our site meets, and even exceeds, the standards for the safe rehoming of animals online. 

Lastly, if you are a user we’ve made reporting animal cruelty or welfare concerns really simple. Seen a listing that contravenes our guidelines or something that you’re just not sure about? You can simply report it via our helpdesk or by using the Report Ad button. Once you’ve notified us of the issue, we’ll quickly allocate it to the right team. They can help report it to the appropriate authorities and take any additional actions.

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